Black Hebrew Israelites : Don't let it be said.....too late!

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    May 21, 2013
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    interestingly enough, there's a video on youtube, I think I've mentioned this before, "8 minutes in HELL". The thing you MUST ask yourself is, what will you do when YOU, like the rich man in the book of Luke, open your eyes in HELL. You see, the most dreadful part about HELL isn't the darkness, or the fire (there are those who believe that HELL is actually cold), it's the fact that this is where you are going to be....FOREVER. That you simply refused to listen, or maybe, you chose to listen to the millions of other followers.
    " Hell is not forever, it is to purge you of sin, then you get to leave."
    " Hell is only the grave, besides, would a loving father put people into a place like that?"
    " Once you're dead, you're done."
    HELL is full of people who thought this way. There is a way, a perfect way, the ONLY way, to ecsape. Call out to the Creator, if your heart is sincere, I mean you really have a desire to know him, HE will answer you, but know this.......The courtroom of heaven has:
    NO appeals
    NO mistriles
    NO side-bars
    NO dismissals
    Don't find out you where wrong.......after you get there, because then......IT'S TOO LATE!

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