Black Poetry : Don't be "SHAKEDOWNED" by this author!

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If the African-american community receive reparations, what should we do with it?

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  1. banubianlife

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    Sep 10, 2002
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    Brothas and Sistas don't be "shakedowned" by this author. A white
    investigator reporter who takes the opportunity to kick a man while he is down, piles on after the play is already over. We all have our opinions on the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and they were probably formulated long before his sordid sex scandel made news last year, but love him or hate him, you do not need to
    purchase online at or pad the pockets of slanderous
    white authors to come to any conclusion about Jesse's past. All you have to do is wonder why this book didn't come out years ago and not conveniently after the scandel broke and Jesse's reputation in ruins. I have always been a firm believer that you open your mind and read and examine all sides of any story that intrigues you. But in this case
    all you have to do is read the sample pages on as the author brands both Jesse and former President Bill Clinton as liars and con men and you know exactly what the author's agenda is. And just because this book is featured on the website, should not encouage to purchase or validate the content of this publication. Once again, brothas and sista do not be bamboozled or hoodwinked, this book was not written for YOU!, this book was intended for the WHITE public who already
    are hating on the Rev. Jesse Jackson and want more angst to feed their hate. Stay black and stay tuned for more from banubianlife, HOLLA!
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