Black Women : Donald Trump Showcases his concubine

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    I cant help but notice the subtle subconscious and conscious conditioning and psychological warfare "hollyweird" and mainstream media are subjecting us to. After watching an episode of the TVone show Donald Trump Presents the Ultimate Merger, I instantly picked up on the presentation of Omarosa as the mistress of Donald Trump who is parading her around as a piece of merchandise where she has numerous men "bid" for her love and time. During the enslavement of Afrikans in America, the white slave owner would have him a black mistress, grant her some privileges, and also allow her to live in a separate room in his house, and just like all the other slaves she was treated like cattle that could be sold or bought. Can the ultimate merger be the modern day commercialization of this sick practice being acted out on a "so-called" black television station? I think so. Just imagine a black man sponsoring a white woman and putting her up for "bid" to a group of men on a european tv station........Exactly keep imagining. Programs like this need to be exposed for what its worth to all of our Afrikan people, our peoples lack of knowledge allows things like this to slip right by unnoticed and then accepted. And by the way isn't Omarosa a recently self proclaimed born again christian? Then whats up with all the hot tub scenes, sexual innuendos, and revealing clothing. Don't you just love Christianity :SuN049:
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    That's what money and power can do and have done for years how sad !

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