Black People Politics : Donald Trump And Melania Trump Looked Dazed And Confused At Acceptance Speech


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Feb 21, 2016
:lol::lol: As much as I hate the fact the inbred backwood heroin druggies decided this joke of a election....soon as I saw that family on stage with that acceptance speech, I knew this nut case would not last his term. I'm betting it right here. Both looked dazed and confused and look totally amateur.

Looks like she saying "what have I got into".....:lol:


Nothing but fake smiles.....totally out of pace....This so called President-elect was actually endorsed by the KKK....a Porn star for a first lady,racist hate mongering,fear mongering engrained white supremacy at play here. Presidency was more than likely purchased by trump......Mark my words..........


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Jun 18, 2004
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I'm on Washington Post destroying these inbreds.....They really feel they found their savior.....its truly disturbing...........
the white people are now like orwells '1984'. they are completely brainwashed. they are a danger to us all.
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