Chief Elder Osiris : Don Imus Is The Example of The Environment Black Folks Love To React To

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Jan 3, 2002
Don Imus Is The Example of The Environment Black Folks Love To React To

Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

As I have said, I do not share Divine Information with you for your Favor, I share for your Divine enlightenment, so what I am about to share with you, to some of you it will not be popularly accepted, to some of you, it will show by your reaction that you have missed the point of Wisdom shared, and to some of you, it is going to cause you to lose your emotional control and react obscenely, but to you who are True Warriors of Our Liberation away from america environment, then it should excite you to see the need for us to become mobilized not to react to what Imus has said about our Queen goddesses, but to form ourselves into a Movement that will not stop until we Black People are Liberated away from america, Europe, Asia, and where else Black People are, and is ready to go Home to Afrika and begin to re-establish the type of Environment that is Naturally Common to Black People way of Living and yes, there has to be some cleaning up in the Mother Land, because the Evil of Racism, unjustified Prejudice and discriminative classification and dictator ignorance, is very alive in the Holy Land of our Ancient First way Black Ancestors.

Beloved, when an action is taken in defense of our dignity and there is no plan of action that will secure that dignity, then those of us doing the reacting is just that, reactionaries without a plan nor a desire to Free our People from such unjustified Prejudice and Racist behavior we are and always have been exposed to in america, yet we seem dead set on not accepting the fact, such is a part of the Fabric of the America Environment, that which propagate the Human Being Mind of Racism and unjustified Prejudice toward Black People, they are People with such a Racist and unjustified Prejudice mind that know that should Black people ever come back into possession of our Divine Mind, the image of the Human Being will no longer have the false glow of such magnetism that pull us to them lovingly so, because such a magnet do not allow Black People to know the Divine Truth and Reality of the Cause for our Black Suffering, physical, Mental, and Emotional, so the important thing for Black people to do is to stop reacting to Black People insult that come out of the mouth of those that has a history of insulting and disrespecting Black people in america and else where, and we must begin to act in such a way it will eliminate such insults from having control over our Life and Environment.

Go and do your protest, but let it be for a Divine cause and not just an emotional one and let that Divine Cause instill within you the importance of having and controlling your own Environment and way of Life, beloved.

Beloved, the phrase Imus used he took it directly out of the book of the Black Human Being Mind, you know those of us that believe it is hip hop intelligence to refer to each other as Dawgs, Dogs, *******, ******* and yes Ho's, nappy head, and now here we are, reacting to Imus for emulating the Black Hip Hop attitude and behavior that they act out toward our Queens and Kings, meaning ourselves, which goes to show that we have no self respect, yet we expect a child of america Racism and unjustified Prejudice, should be exempt from mocking Black People but Black People can Mock White People and those other people that have a record of oppressing and abusing Black People.

Fire Imus if you can get it done and yet there is another one there, standing in line to take his place, to use a phrase.

Beloved, america is full of Don Imus, even those you now go appealing to, even they happen to be a Don Imus, don't you see that there is no end to this Racist, Unjustified Prejudice toward Black People and it is a part of the america United States, Europe, and Asia Fabric, don't they have a history of disrespecting and disallowing you your Dignity, don't they have a history of kicking us in the behind when they feel like it and let me tell you why beloved, as long as you are in their House, they will do as they please with your Black behind, this is their environment which they have all of the authority and control over.

Yet we black People choose to live in a state of denial of this Divine Truth, always clanging to a religion that give you cause to believe, hope, and have faith, that a change of attitude and behavior is going to come to an america environment that is methodically and systematically created to act toward Black people as it will, all because we Black people show no gumption, no Fire to Free our Black Life from such a decadent environment that hold Black people up to be suspect in all that go against the will of the america Environment, thus white people, available to issue out punishment at their call against our Black behind, as we are summon to come and stand before their lying and deceiving bench of evil Judgment.

Beloved, don't you know that our oppressors are not qualified to Judge Black people Divinely and that their action toward you serve as a sign of the inferior nature they carry in comparison to your Divine Nature, yet they keep us blind with false promises and with the injection of fear in a mind that is not ours, that Mind that is now causing you to react to an attitude and behavior that have been displayed toward black people by those that have oppressed us every since they laid their evil eyes upon your Black selves and here we are in the Divine Time of Enlightenment and all we can believe ( noy think ) we should do is protest against Don Imus and how he Mocked us, by saying about our Queens what we say every day about them and please do not come to me with that lame human Being statement, saying that Two wrong do not make a Right, that is obvious, because our oppressors have proved that to be True, so we need to find balance in our Black Life and it will not come until we begin to do what is necessary to take us away from this america defiled environment, an environment that is toxic to the Lives of Black People in general.

The Divine Truth, Black People Despise The Divine Truth, as we occupy our lives reacting toward Evil, never extracting ourselves out from such an environment and go an construct our own house to live our Life in..

Here Is Loving You

Chief Elder


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