Black People : don cheadle goes in on trump.....


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Feb 9, 2001
Donald John Trump didn't kill this lady, those two murderer guys did & when Trayvon Martin got shot dead for attacking George Zimmerman didn't Obama say on live TV that Trayvon could've been his boy? I think I read that somewhere. Same situation same type of comment from two men, one White & one black so which one is right & which one is wrong or are they both right or both wrong? Can't have it both ways.

BTW: Didn't Don Cheadle play in that African movie called Hotel Rwanda where the African war lords were butchering like millions of innocent African people, women, children & old people?
What does Cheadle's acting role have to do with the conversation? What's your point by mentioning this?


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Aug 17, 2016
A quote from the article:
"Clearly, they don't think we're serious. Clearly, they don't think there's a consequence to their actions. And to be quite honest, we're showing them that there's not. If we're not going to keep you in jail because you choose to use a gun — then what are we doing?"

I read this and struggle to comprehend why our protest is aimed at anyone other than our own. Thugs are getting away with murder and we are letting them.

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