Black Entertainment : Don’t Miss Pioneers of African-American Cinema on Netflix (and Other Viewing Suggestions)


Aug 28, 2015

With movie-history viewing choices spawning like mold in a damp room, we can easily see the things we didn't even know we'd never seen. For me that includes Takashi Miike's Black Society Trilogy (Arrow Video), a trio of quick, down-and-dirty crime-gang pulp rockets (1995-99) that established Miike as Japan's fin-de-siècle bad boy.
Shinjuku Triad Society (1995) unleashes an urban-chaos montage of severed heads, raving clubbers, pig carcasses, cavity searches and stairwell blowies even before the credits roll; after that, the three films, continuing with Rainy Dog (1997) and Ley Lines (1999), limn entirely different sagas about crisscrossing crime syndicates in Japan, Taiwan and China, and the lost boys and girls that populate them, along with the cops on their tails (who're given to anal rape as an interrogation-torture option).

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