Black Relationships : Domestic Violence: Men as Victims

spicybrown said:
I concur; some women fight as hard as men! Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement isn't as lenient on female domestic violence offenders as it once was.

Yall still get away with murder :getout: :ref: :bullseye:

in your opinion, what is domestic it only when physical strength is involved, or does it include emotional/verbal abuse also...or does it go even further and include sexual abuse..

because I have doubts about your second statement where you say, "Children usually suffer domestic violence at the hands of women"

In the case of domestic violence including all forms of abuse, I would be very suprised if this was true....


If verbal and emotional abuse were included, the majority of females in a relationship would be in jail. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Women are given permission to hit, slap or punch men. Society is more apt to take a lighter view of domestic violence when the female is violent and controlling. We look down on men who are aggressive to women, but women being aggressive to men is acceptable.

Domestic violence laws protect mainly women. Even when there is evidence of a woman being violent, most of the time the police are reluctant to arrest her. Sometimes the male is the one arrested. If the woman lies, there is little or no punishment for perjury. The legal system adds to the misery of the abuse. There are shelters for battered women, but when a man calls an abuse hotline, he is laughed at or not assisted at all.

What are your views on men as victims of domestic violence?

My view is sympathetic. But I don't believe we are "given permission" to hit, slap, and punch men. Many women just believe they can get away with it, hoping the male they strike will hold to the "don't hit females" deal. Some men do, some don't, so it's foolish to say the least to bank on that.

I don't care for any woman to strike any man; generally, they are the "stronger" gender, but hitting still hurts and is a sign of great disrespect. :SuN008:


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