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    Terrorist Is Registered Republican

    Death Delivered By "Pro-Life" Killer

    Looks like my prediction as to the killer's ethnicity is correct. Indeed the suspect is a middle-aged white man. Just imagine the uproar if middle-aged men from ethic groups with darker skin tones began to march into white churches and gun down people while they worshiped. I'm sure FOX would hype it up and run stories on it 24/7.

    Once again the "pro-life" forces have attacked and murdered a human being. Once again it happened as the person walked to church. Seems the "religious right" just love to kill folks who worship. And of course the pro-death gun lobby blames the victim and says it would not have happened had the victim had a loaded gun.

    Once again, a horrible tragedy, happens to a law-abiding citizen who is attacked by a domestic terrorist. The domestic terrorists picketed this doctor's medical facility and even had the doctor brought up on 19 false charges. He was acquitted in March of 19 counts of performing procedures unlawfully at his clinic.

    All this hate spews from these right-wing domestic terrorist organizations, fuels the flames and causes violent unbalanced middle -aged white men to go crazy and murder innocent people. They can't really be "pro-life" for I've never seen these white racists out protesting the United States for invading and killing innocent people in Iraq and other places. They were all silent when the repiglicans went about their murderous rampages into foreign lands.

    Today, folks like the "Oxy-Contin Kid" and Sean "Waterboy" Hannity drum up violence with their hate speech and "Obama's coming to get your guns" campaign. The National Rifle(repiglican) Association also speads fear and paranoia among the population. The result is that we have more shootings like this. A medical professional, father of four, and grandfather of ten was gunned down today. Will the terrorist who killed him be tried as an enemy combatant?

    The suspect description should not be surprising. The suspect is described as a white male in his 50's or 60's with grey hair that is balding in the middle. I might also hazard a guess that the killer is most likely a registered republican. He is about 6'1" and about 220 pounds and was wearing a white shirt and dark pants.