Black Poetry : Doing What We Do

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    Doing What We Do

    I have criminals with identity in my general vicinity
    Virginia a fine place to live if you have a divine crib but
    Its clever and strange how the weather change buy a cup
    Of coffee and it rain, I happen to be a rapper with corrupt
    Words got the luck of birds because my nouns just fly and flap
    Wings while I strap bling on and blind with the shine perhaps
    Go to Hollywood get mistaken for a star then taken far beyond
    My limit before I bale out as a fail no doubt somehow become fond
    Of my roll as a actor in a dream lame with extreme fame and a lawn
    To cut, on a witty committee it’s a drastic call we play basketball
    A group of men we all own coupes with wheels that spin fantastic yall
    Like the NBA, got stuff on my mind have to write strong rhymes
    To express myself because this mess is deft from the soul my lines
    Come together and some never hit hard but I spit in regards
    To rap, chief of aggression with brief expression and it’s hard
    To have brevity like a celebrity work hard to become well known
    On your fame swell and grown now have to wear dark glasses shown
    In art classes to avoid being recognized plus protect my eyes
    Human err is understandable but a computer needs a tutor wise
    Or it’ll foul things up not a winner yet on the internet rhymes dense
    Look this rap mess has convinced me the best defense Against
    an MC is have rhymes don’t grab nines could get hurt with intense
    swelling in the rib cage best live brave don’t play with guns son
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    tyte joint bruh !