Black Poetry : Doing what I do

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    Doing what I do

    My groove ready and move steady as Bold clout
    My verbs cause the flow no flaws just glow Hold out
    Hear hardcore voices and four horses then Pull sense
    From my brain come lame with script it’s full length
    In a specified depth, pride is stealth make Swell decisions
    Hurting for satisfaction need a certain action saw on televisons
    Display sex wrecked and shook select a book and boob tube
    Crews get abandon CEOs choose at randon with Mood and attitude
    Buy a rose for a cutie and impose that as duty Show her pictures
    Art grow strong as I bark prolonged like dogs and Flow the scriptures
    Like Parkay butter sweet bread utter deep in threads, Stable wisdom
    On the farm burn hay my hair turn gray watch Cox Cable system
    Pay close attention and post in a disminion that Transmit mixtures
    Quotes slaughter, float on water go through pipes and legit fixtures
    Stay ready and proper like Betty Crocker coat cakes after Raw writes
    Got the power of a thug but shower with love romantics flaw bites
    Texts no longer noted on my celli hunger bloated my belly want beef
    And like walstreet stocks strengthen as my plot lengthen to make brief
    Profit when I drop it on the microphone in hot zone cats in disbelief
    My type the hardest and Like an artist sketch in deft I stretch myself
    To flow pride and provide for the family and buy a Lex to stay deft
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