Black Poetry : Doing the Do


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May 11, 2006
Doing the Do

Drop grenades in meditation use the blades of devastation
To send cats to aid station to bandage the damage get medication
I bring bling and combat to your habitat best change your locations
I battle cattle in saddles holding meat hooks getting a unique look
At the pastures I masters they graze in fields eat grass I’m very shook
On beef especially on top blade cuts like Hip Hop it persuade my guts
Got these dawgs shook holding a logbook best record all actions
Try to avoid all infractions with whack rhymes, crack spines for satisfaction
These cats rap jive shook like a tribe of Chinooks in the Columbia
River, can’t swim and paint dim script each day you become crumbier
My plan pure like a grand tour sightseeing for pleasure I write skiing
For treasure so it snow in my flow with hopes to clear slopes as a human being
Some of these dumb fakes are like crumb cake rhymes go good with coffee
In the hood a softy visiting Star Buck to look for bazaar luck with a false plea
On a route to passion try to outlive fashion just bought a FUBU shirt and my girl
A true blue skirt need new work to pay for this try stay brisk with cash in this world
Can do hilarious time for a barbarous crime don’t carry glocks they’re very hot
Every cop on your trail no hardcore jail for me so far as crime I bury my plot
Eat supicious vegetables got an ambitious schedule at the cafeteria for plate
Of food steak improve my attitude so I’m a dude that loves beef and never late
For the dinner table so I’m bless but my body digest it slowly so I drink water
Wash it down then again march around the buffet for another helping in order


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