Black Poetry : doing stuff


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May 11, 2006
doing stuff

Walk begin to help when I step and lift my Tims become swift to
Condemn other shoes and being a brother with the blues I’m true
In my ways, trembling at times dealing with the Kremlin in my mind
Stand around, not looking for hand me downs stayed away from crime
Look this jazz is wild and as a child I dressed fancy to impress Nancy
Girl I knew in school her world true fooled a lot of boys so it’s chancy
But anyway have plenty to say so I’m gonna stick around and rap
some not considered a whack clown if I back down can get trapped
Using love talk, she got a phat brisk sandwich I’m at a disadvantage
Right now but tonight somehow will overcome and do damage
As a bolder one, her thighs sweaty pies ready my eyes steady on her
lips so red and wet I bet her bed is set to make love stuff will occur
It’s time to see who behind me her boyfriend could sneak up and
surprise me so it’s wise to be smart I’m ready to start and got a plan
He said: “boo today you sweet, love is a two way street here to lay
The heat and the bar play a beat and I stay unique so girl hey
One kiss is enough but before that lets discuss stuff boo wanna play
With your body then have a hardcore party in the bedroom what you
say to that huh? thing you learn in a club there are terms to true
Love and lips sweet and red plus you streets ahead of a common chick
You have become a phenomenon quick, you hot enough to flic my bic
But I don’t smoke and won’t choke on nicotine that’s a sick scene
I’m fair and average, hair not savage because I use wave cream
Can get bizarre in the club and if there’s a jar of love I remove
Lid fast and like a kid in class become vexed and hooks to a smooth
Textbook, the teacher say pay attention mind stay in a dimension
Between dream and reality an extreme fatality can bring a convention
Of folks and quotes and of course boats floats on water boo you could
Have an anchor baby and be high energy after that you’re all good
Boo we at the bar and all but my car may stall hope my battery has
The dope strategy to start up, we gonna sit close together like jazz
Music, let’s do it in the backseat you can act sweet when I kiss your
lips and reminisce in the whip its hip-hop our lips locked never a bore
So boo let me git wit you suck a tit or two, master wit the art but after
A false start there’s room for improvement, you lonely sweet disaster
Take only a week to plaster my walls with your love, from the sound
Of your voice I make a renowned choice and ask for a date now bound
To get some fast cake the task great I’m really that blood hound
Love to go down town and sniff around because your breasts spark
They impress my heart we can make a fresh start its best we depart
Together, you got brisk hype but I dislike seeing cake and you not
being my date don’t fleeing to escape the question not a good plot
Lips red hot, hips make beds rock and really leave my head in shock
When I think a lot have to drink hot coffee not in love with the coco
Oh no, a dame soft and sound want your plane off the ground loco
Wit a flight I git hype one kiss is like star wars starring chubaca and
May the force play its course and then you wet when we get to kissing
And tonguing reminiscing and Cumming and boo I’m never missing
In action, when there’s sexual combat in a perpetual habitat such
As the bed, it devastate my fate when I celebrate a cake date touch
Your body and breasts with party and finesse this could be a frequent
Event with a decent ending and a cement beginning boo I see bent
Bedsprings and my head rings jest thinking about this heaven sent

Naw player my sticky panties are strictly candies for a boy so I
Best hide before my breast collide with a boy’s lips then may try
Leave but can’t because the sucking start and a girl be ducking darts
Like this after any type of kiss from a boy, a girl must use her smarts
no doubt feelings mixed have to get out of this fix missed school
teachers wanna twist the rule a list of fools wanna argue not cool
You hunt for deals while my front wheels spin I should jest take off
know my cake soft so you in a race that begin with lace want me to toss
my panties in your face, hot and sleazy but not that easy a few
Boys try rap up on some, need a map to cum to the point, for my true
Location best leave a notation on your love letter, politicians all alike
None have visions of height but here having collisions just might
Land me in bed wit a boy I’ll be a nitwit to toy with that before night-
Fall its tight yall how my thing be hot but still see a lot, so oh yes
wanna keep hope alive do a unique stroke dive between my breasts
And thighs and that impress guys and the best highs are wit wine
You wanna talk galore jive and bring me more alive and soar divine
With archives of making love and mistaking hugs for affairs wanna
Rub my pair of legs run finger through my hair and beg I’m gonna
Leave soon you grab my waist and you squeeze my perfume think
You doomed for a girlfriend in this room a whirlwind can blow my pink
Skirt up, wanna see my panties and there be candies under it and it’s
Like that and that’s the way it is, strive with butter lips alive wit legit
Color you wanna jest kiss them huh? So really you about to have a fit
You alert to a flirt that’s true any jerk can yell boo, most boy’s words
Fell through the roof and need a crew of proof to show real love nerds
Fail at this but prevail to make a phat wish so with stats and ish able
To climb back in the game, get time to spit facts to a dame and stable
His love talk, but I think you wanna kiss my lips and go to bed jest
Because my lips glow red you want my sandwich spread in a bed test
I’m shook no jive but still look alive hasn’t got all day, it’s off the wall
To say I’m not hot down there you wanna smash my goose then call
Me baby and splash juice this love talk trash can loose my dress yall

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