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    Doing Stuff

    Rhymes advance my knowledge kiss girls get romance
    From college, must have attitude in my profession chance
    To duck rude expression hate cruelness crew bless in rap
    I’m a brother that’s fly my clothes are the color of the sky
    And that’s blue got a tattoo on my arm of a warrior I try
    To be Tom Sawyer an adventure wearing dentures after
    I see the the dentist, so I stay bright like daylight a master
    Of rhymes that shine and blind folks with fine quotes that plaster
    The Hall of Fame yall know my name its RHYMEBAD never
    See me in nickel and dime ads ride bikes and wear leather forever
    Stuff reach like bleach to whiten laundry, take a microphone
    And be great with trend but won’t break the skin, send them home
    so I bruise crews because I toy with clout and like Bruce Willis
    in Boyscout wanna make me suffer play some rap music, the ill-est
    ever to do this, when my voice hurl I have a choice of girls and its sick
    no doubt to have to pick out the prettiest chick to take home can get sick
    of sex quick, when eating I bite and grind food most time elude tough
    meats can get choke in the throat better hope you can swallow it’s rough
    being strangle, I remember I was ready to eat some December spaghetti
    should have cut it and didn’t and that’s forbidden with this girl name Betty
    got embarrass had to run outside to cough it up came out soft and corrupt
    having to puke from there on I was grabbing the fruit no more of that too abrupt
    BP’s oil in the ocean has spoiled a potion of life so air is pure stale look
    I’m mature male in rap got a drastic voice and use a gymnastic horse shook
    Doing exercise to stay complex and wise with muscles realize hussles
    Are important that’s just street life and its sweet and nice to have cash tussles
    Seem easy, try march on “hey you wanna buy a watch home? “ “Yeah what is it”
    A Rolex ticking at a bold pace with a gold face diamonds for numbers it’s legit”
    “naw bro Rolex's don’t tick this is Timex slick” “this is a Rolex” “naw need to quit
    Talking that fake stuff” “see you later alligator “ “yeah after while crocodile”
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    dig was smooth and creatively tyte