Black Poetry : Doing it Well

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    Doing it Well

    Have the best story like Morgan Fairchild but my respitory
    Organs bare and wild with enough rhymes to bless glory
    Ease my hooks by using the leaves in a book got a main
    Spree like Jermaine Dupree money ain’t s thing like dames
    Boost campaign with loose brains there’s no excuse for pain
    A pretty girl usually choose to stay in school and play fools
    For their money, its cool and funny how all the cats just duel
    Over her, she was excited how she was invited to a sick picnic
    In the world there’s pride and choice but this girl set astride
    a horse, perhap guys want apt replies about sex between her thighs
    so her cream pies stayed hot she has a capped teeth so boys
    rapped brief a dame can get squash and brain washed sex toys
    are available, look my facts are great but some have to acclimate
    like flowers grow and go to brains, flow lame sticky like duck tape
    in the air with HIP HOP and prepare crops like farmers on crack
    adulterated and cultivated adapt lands to rap plans it’s a major act
    No doubt stun by the outcome of the sport contest in court
    And bless with child support in the military assigned to a fort
    With major scrolls that describe the behavior of souls confusing
    Brave and hard cats got my rhymes in gaveyard and using
    My skills to their advantage and this will damage my repatation
    Separation is necessary the strees vary in copy cat devastation
    Got dumb sillies with a sum of probabilities stuck on their revelation
    In my Lex for girls on the hunt again got chrome on the front
    End take girl home get the **** and drink gin for real no stunt
    Flow strong and prolong like the howl of a dog cry, fog the sky
    With smoke from burning rhymes turning a mind into a butterfly
    Got Rhymes in sick renown pairs enough to kick downstairs
    HIP HOP is quick to crown heirs of the throne, like brown bears
    I’m grizzly and vicous while my hair frizzy and suspicious
    Hot quotes that spot promote flavor eat health food nutritious
    Come with stealth and rude verse delicious, energetic with stress
    Winner of pathetic contests involving rap, try stay the very best
    Driva Chevy not a quitter a heavy hitter with chrome rims at
    Home wear tims
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    BUSINESS owner
    tyte drop on da spot this was hot
    like summer lay out da bomber at home
    stomp of da tims

    doing it big fo real .....i like this one bruh
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    Some may try to imitate, but they're only mere copies of the original. Flow on rhymebad.