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Apr 1, 2001

Adhere to the rap game severe crap became lame, fear the flame //
Like a fire the type that expires like license plate, Mike Tyson ate lame //
Ears of a Holy nature devastation of the world admiration of a pretty girl //
Like MIA stranger in my house, ranger doing a browse on Internet thoughts twirl //
Strenuous things occur cause a tremendous stir continuous blurs in vision like cataracts //
Matter of fact in rap city wears FUBU cap fitty bottom line don’t spit a rotten rhyme be exact //
Not even a tablet could grab it with a pencil dude be trifling rude rifling through pages //
Knifing lyrics in rages learn how to burn verse in phrases, concern how I nurse and blazes //
Rhyme and twist it didn’t know so many words existed, eat biscuits and hammer the grammar //
Spit the kind of action realign game for satisfaction too much ragged handwriting from Alabama //
With punctuation marks the funk situation start even a chump on probation get hit in the heart //
Took a whole day grab a book and spray a lyric, pray in the spirit holy mackerel I’ll never depart //
Got a Chevy Nova listen to R. Kelly and Jay Hover in the Range rover it’s a feaster after //
A semester rap slick grab a college chick quick write a love letter with my bic a disaster //
Excite her body with a lick love master it’s a road map ready to explode and zap //
Cats like lightning I trash nitwits like paper plates at a class picnic they rap a load of crap //
Slam-dunk hit cats diaphragm with funk increase the amount of rhymes I release perhaps //
Rhyme while society slaughters with anxiety disorders I’m a thug on the loose ill like //
Drug abuse, convert trash into vapor alert and taper script on paper I pedal bike //
Detangling cream while wearing wrangling jeans dangling supreme from a rope //
Banging steam like guns of Navarone jangling have fun home with microscope //

Yo' kid this is ill

Navarone jangling have fun home with microscope/
on a slide are my chromosomes who the hell am I/
it lies in disguise on this microscope slide and I
ride on the mind of scientist/ bent cause my DNA is MIA
missing in action and what I am can't be found/ buried in african grounds are my roots not from philadelphia but I have a blakthought cause I'm a blakverb/I swerve my nerves from pen to pad to sin to sad/ink drying to fast couldn't last wet to erase my displace aggression of this mental session from progression to regression learning lessons of/...

anyway yo joint was tight yo'



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