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    666 at a glance

    Messianic beliefs originated in Egypt. The English word “Christ” comes from the Greek “Kristos”, which is the equivalent of the Hebrew and Aramaic Mashih. This word is derived from the root MeSHeH, verb meaning to anoint. Thus “The Christ” indicated originally “the anointed one”, who is “the king”.

    The basis of Messianic beliefs was the divine nature that Egyptians attributed to their kings, whose authority came from God. At the time of the kings coronation the ceremony included purification by water, anointment, putting on royal attire, holding the scepter of office, having two crown of upper and lower Egypt placed on his head, and declaration of his fixed royal names and titles. The king was anointed with the fat of the holy crocodile. This is the original source of the word “Messiah”. MeSSeH was the word for crocodile in Ancient Egypt, and the image of two crocodiles was used for the title of sovereign, bestowed on the king at the time of his coronation. This makes it clear that the Hebrew and Aramaic word for Messiah is an Egyptian word indicating a specific kind of ritual for anointing of the king. Christians would later change fat into Olive oil for “Light” and two crocodiles for two fishes/ Pisces on the pope rings and the writing on his Miter equaling 666.

    Now lets back up into the writings of Plutarch in his famous essay Isis and Osiris.

    “The Crocodile, certainly, has acquired honor which is not devoid of a plausible reason, but he is declared to be a living representation of God, since he is the only creature without a tongue; for the divine word has no need of a voice, and

    They say that the crocodile is the only animal living in the water which has a thin and transparent membrane extending down from his forehead to cover up his eyes, so that he can see without being seen ; and this prerogative belongs also unto the first god. In whatever part of the land the female crocodile lays her eggs, well she knows that this is destined to mark the limit of the rise of the Nile; for the females being unable to lay their eggs in the water and afraid to lay them far from it, have such an accurate perception of the future that they make use of the oncoming river as a guide in laying their eggs and in keeping them warm; and thus they preserve them dry and untouched by the water. They lay sixty eggs and hatch them in the same number of days, and those crocodiles that live that number of years: the number sixty is the first of measure for such persons as concern themselves with the heavenly bodies.”

    Plutarch associated the Crocodile (Messiah) with 666. The crocodile had the perception of the future which is forethought, wisdom, magic. “This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight let him calculate the number of the beast, (Crocodile/Messiah) for it is man’s number. His number is 666” (Rev 13:18). This false Messiah is also described as a Lamb with two horns which I think is the Egyptian Amen which was also called Ram/lamb.
    The religion of this false Messiah would be based on the Egyptian Amen with a mixture of Babylonian myths. The Messiah uses 666 magic/wisdom for control which can advance to any technology. Its good to go back to the original. 6 was symbolic of incomplete. The Egyptians used the magic frog Heka to give a symbolic incomplete form of creation. Now Solomon original name Jedidiah links him with a title to Thoth, a god who created wisdom and Magic. Solomon association with receiving 666 gold talent annually just might be a hint that Money is the foundation/root of evil. If you read the writings of Josephus Solomon is said to have practiced magic.