Science and Technology : Does White Science and Technology Exist?

Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by Keita Kenyatta, Apr 17, 2012.

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    I don't give white people credit for nothing but new methods of death and destruction period!!! They say that Edison invented the light bulb...WRONG!! Our people did that in ancient Kemet. They say that Ben Franklin discovered electricity...WRONG!! Our people did that in ancient Kemet. We're on the internet because of white people...WRONG!!! The father of the internet is an Afrakan. They discovered genetics...WRONG!!! Our people in ancient Kemet did and the I-Ching has the same structure as the genetic code. They are the masters of medicine...WRONG!!! Even today in the Hippocratic oath that they take they swear by Aesculapius which is the Greek name for IMHOTEP!!

    They created birth control...WRONG!! Our ancestors in ancient Kemet did and they knew what a child was going to be before it was born by using the urine of the woman. They created the airplane...WRONG!!! They got that from out of ancient KEmet also and the Moors were flying as well. They created cataract eye surgery...WRONG!! They were doing that surgery in Timbuktu before 1492. They created brain surgery...WRONG!! Our people in ancient Kemet did that. They discovered artificial limbs and other body parts...WRONG!! Our people in ancient Kemet did that too.

    In fact, here's the real deal. I have come to the sound conclusion that all the things that are in the library of the Vatican and other places are nothing more than the technological achievements of our people that they haven't figured out yet. Why do I say this? I say this because, they have shown us the mummies, the writings, the artifacts and other what is it that they could be hiding that they don't want us to see???:thinking:The only thing that they could have that they don't want us to see is the technology...and until they can figure it out we never will see it! White technology and science does not exist period!! If it ever existed we would have seen it up in their lands long before they ever invaded ours!!