Brother AACOOLDRE : Does the New testament Imitate Homer?


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Jul 26, 2001

By Dennis MacDonald

Book Review By Andre Austin

In 2003 Yale University Press published MacDonald’s Does The New Testament Imitate Homer?. I was unaware of MacDonald’s book until a couple of days ago and was highly interested because I wanted to ask MacDonald his opinion on my findings that parts of Acts 13 was taken from the Greek poet Hesiod’s Theogony. Hesiod wrote before Homer according to the ancients before the first Olympic games of 776BC. I was unable to track him down because he’s unlisted in the Claremont Graduate University or at their school of Theology. But hang on because I would get the answer to my question indirectly in an amazing process.

Does The New Testament Imitate Homer? Was written in part for his critics who had concerns of his other book The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark. In that book he outlines how the earliest Gospel used Homer’s Odyssey as his primary literary model for Mark’s chapter’s 1-14; he used the Illiad for chapter’s 15-16.

MacDonald goes on to compare:

Acts 1 with Illiad 7

Acts 10 & 11 with Illiad 2

Acts 12 with Illiad 24

Acts 20 Illiad 6

1 Kings 12 with Luke 7

I was happy that MacDonald didn’t talk about Acts 13 because I was convinced Hesiod’s Theogony talk about the castration of a penis and Venus/Aphrodite being born out of genitals that was flung into foam waved washed waters of Paphos, Cyprus. After this cutting by Kronos (Time) a God called “Night” on punishing furies of a whole host of painful misery. I was reading Joseph Atwill’s Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah p.366. Atwill discovered cryptic language of Saul/Paul being castrated at Antioch then leaves for Paphos, Cyprus. The letter of Jude 12-13 is a coded attack on Paul which refers to him as being by the wind blowing “wild waves of the sea foaming up their shame”. Paul refers to himself as being tossed back and forth by the waves and blown by the wind of cunning and craftiness (Ephesians 4:14). We know Jude16 is talking about Paul because he states he boast and flatter to take advantage of others. Paul responds in one of his letters stating that he boast a little but doesn’t allow people to take advantage of him (2 Cor 11:16-21). Now Paul was called an Angel/star and he gave a spiritual birth to a person named Titus (Titus 1:4). Titus in Greek (Galatians 2:3) means Teitan which equals 666=Venus, Lucifer, the morning star.

Well enough said about my work because this review is supposed to be about MacDonald’s book. Like I said before, I was trying to locate MacDonald unsuccessfully. Because he was an expert in Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey and its relationship with the New Testament. Late scholars like Martin Bernal considered some of the epic stories of Homer’s Odyssey were in part Greek versions of the Egyptian Book of the dead (see Black Athena Volume 1. P.87). Bernal also took the bold step in agreeing with another scholar that the wooden horse incident in Homer’s work has an “Egyptian literary precedent” (Black Athena writes Back p.330-331). I’m trying to bust out and make my own bold leap with the hypothesis that the term “Lukewarm” may have links with two characters of the Male Leukos (light/white) from the Illiad 4:489-500 & the Female Leucothea (white waves/foam) Odyssey 5:333-500. We also have other words that’s cognate with Luke and light like bright Lucidum, shine Luceat light Lux and leuk=League, Luke, lion.

The answer to my question was answered when Dennis MacDonald answered his own question to the title of his book in the last sentence of his conclusion:

“Does the New Testament imitate Homer? For me the answer is a resounding yes! One cannot discount the parallels presented here as coincidental or trivial. Furthermore, if luke imitates classical poetry here, it certainly is possible that he and other early Christian authors do so elsewhere. Perhaps it is now time to ask a more comprehensive and challenging question: How much of the New Testament imitates Homer?”


“Leucothea represents one of the many sources of divine aid to Odysseus in the Odyssey (5:333ff), her earliest appearance in literature. Homer calls her "Ino-Leocothea of the beautiful ankles [καλλίσφυρος], daughter of Cadmus, who was once a mortal speaking with the tongue of men, but now in the salt sea-waters has received honor at the hands of the gods". Providing Odysseus with a veil and telling him to discard his cloak and raft, she instructs him how he can entrust himself to the waves and succeed in reaching land and eventually the island of Scheria (Corcyra), home of Phaeaceans.

When Athamas returned to his second wife, Ino, Themisto (his third wife) sought revenge by dressing her children in white clothing and Ino's in black and directing the murder of the children in black. Ino switched their clothes without Themisto knowing and she killed her own children. (

Leucothea also switches her veil and gives it to Odysseus who strips his clothes off

Rev 3:18 A request for the switching of clothes from black to white. The black clothes is implied because the city of Laodicea grew rich from selling glossy black wool according to Strabo.

Separate bible scholars have use the word Leukos for the white/bright righteous clothes in Rev 3:18 and others have linked Luke with Leukos. If both A and b are positive then it was wrong to associate lukewarm with negative and the first Christians, Marcionites had it right over the Catholics who redacted the texts saying the city of Laodicean needed to repent when they were doing good deeds.


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Jul 26, 2001
I was reading the works of Robert Eisenman "James the bro of Jesus and the dead sea scrolls" volume 1 p.55 that Paul was the man of dream. This would fit well with the letter of Jude 8 attack on Paul as a dreamer who pollutes his body. Its no accident that Paul is called Hermes/Mercury in Acts 14:12. bedpost were named after Hermes because he was so closely related to sleep/dreams. In Rev 6:5-8 we see Paul as the black horse is Saturn disappearance of food cross reference to Jude 12. The pale-green Horse is Mercury for food that's poison/rotten. We know Paul is a Horse because Jude 10 calls him an unreasonable animal (Donkey/mule) which piggy backed on what james letter said.

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