Black Spirituality Religion : Does The Bible Ever Give A Description Of Yashua , Isa Jesus , Christ

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    Yes , The Holy Bible clearly describes him my Race Description , Tribe and Descendancy , Revelation 1 ; 14 - 15 ....His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. ;..... Gives you a description of him by Race ;....
    Ques ; Could You Further Explain Yashua , Isa , Jesus Description ?
    Ans ; 1 , Hairs Like Wool '' This equals Thick or Nappy or Kinky Hair Texture , Curved Follicles . There is no question about the texture of his hair ; nappy thick not thin . So the Thousands of pictures circulating all over the world is an attempt for other Races to claim him . This was done as A Conspiracy against The Truth So that People will be Directing Their Prayers And Supplication To The Image of someone other than the true Yashua , Isa , Jesus ;...Many people say White like wool '' This Is Talking About His Thick Hair Texture . Also we know for fact that Yashua , Isa , Jesus was Crucified In His Thirties And Would not have white hair , So It Meant Wool For The Texture Of His Hair , Nappy , Woolly , Kinky , Not The Colour Of His Hair This Is What You Today Call An Afro ;....
    . His Thirties And Would not have white hair , So It Meant Wool For The Texture Of His Hair , Nappy , Woolly , Kinky , Not The Colour Of His Hair This Is What You Today Call An Afro ;.... part the eof ye ) Which happen to a lot of people of Africa The Nubians / Blacks , Negroid Race . Again most of these pictures Draw him with < Blue Eyes , Which is a total impossibi;ity for the Son of God because Blue Eyes are an illusion , Phenomena Created By The Speed Of Light And Colour . Blue Rays Are Faster Ray Of Colour . So In Facr When You LQQk At A Person With Blue Eyes You Are LQQking At An Illusion , Something That Is Not Really There , Elohyeem God Is Real And True In All Ways .
    3 . '' His Feet Like Unto Fine Brass , as if they burned in a furance '' First let us thclear up it doesn't Say brass it says cooper so by fine brass , and his burnt copper - skin tone .. That means his Skin was Smooth And Blemishess , Like fine polished brass , unstained . But it goes on further So ere would be no mistake about the amount of Melanin or pigmentation that is in his complexion or Skin Colour . .. Like it was burnt in a furnace '' The Greek Word used in the quote is puroo which mean to burn with fire '' , But we know that the original scripture were not in Greek but were traslated into Greek . If you know anything about brass or studied Metallography Which Is The Study Of The Crystalline Structure Of Metals And Alloys And The Relationship Of This Structure Of This Metal And The Physical Properties Of Metals , You Know That It Is A Combination Of 50% copper Cu 63 , 546 With The Atomic Number Of 29 And Is Brownish Red When Polished And Very Dark Brown To Black When Unpolished . And 50% zinc Zn 65 .38 With The Atomic Number Of 30 And Is Bluish White . This Combination Would Produce A Brownish Colour And When Burned , Brass Becomes A Very Dark Hue Or A Very Dark - Skinned Person .
    Ques ; Is Brass A Real Metal ?
    Absolutely Not !!!! This is a very important point because brass is an alloy , Brass Acording to Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000 , describes brass as '' an alloy of copper and zinc . Harder than copper , it is ductile and can be hammered into thin leaves . Formerly and alloy of copper . especially one tin . was called brass , and it is probable that The '' Brass '' Of Ancient Time Was Really Copper .
    and tin '' The modern alloy came into use about the 16th century and was created by a group of Scientists . This is just another way the devil tries to hide the truth . They would not use a fake metal to describe the colour of Jesus . As a matter of fact they try to trick you here because the Christ Testament ( New Testament ) was not originally written in the Greek language . therefore the word brass is not really there . The word for brass spoken in Ancient Hebrew is chosheth which is copper , the 29th element atomic number 63.546 . This word is used in Daniel 10 ; 6 describing the Ancient of Days . let you know the skin colour , Daniel 10 ; 6 , '' His body also was like beryl and his face as the appearance of lightning , and his eyes as lamps of fire , and his arms and his feet like in colour to polished brass
    ( chosheth copper ) . and the vioce of his words like the voice of a multitude . God would not describe the Son of Elohyeem God , his anointed using an alloy , a fake metal . There is no mistake what colour Yashua , Isa Jesus was , Many people will try to say that ' feet like into fine brass , as if they burned in a furnace ' isnot speaking of the complexion of Yashua , Isa , Jesus . However , in Lamentation 5 ; 10 ,It states '' ... skin black like oven '' . You know by reading the next verse , 11 that this is describing the tribe of Judah , '' ... in the cities of Judah Lamentation 5 ; 1 - 11 is all about the Tribe of Judah and our inheritance turned to strangers and our house to aliens , the Amorites
    ( Genesis 15 ; 13) The Ancient Hebrew word for oven is tannuwr tan - noor ' which is defined as '' furnace , oven , fire - pot , ( portable ) stove , So an oven and a furnace is the same thing Note in Lamentations , his skin is black , and the word oven is there for Judah . Note in Revelation . it states that his feet are burnt like in a furnace . This is talking about or describing Jesus 'image and skin . So this also oven is there for Judah . Note in Revelation . it states that his feet are burnt like in a furnace . This is talking about or describing Jesus 'image and skin . So this also confirms oven is there for Judah . . So this also confirms In The Bible . It is obvious that they have a different Yashua , Isa , Jesus , A Michelangelo's and Leonardo De Vinci's Yashua , Isa Jesus , A Caucasian Christ who has many faces depending on which branch of Caucasian they decide to draw his face . That is racism without facts to back it up , They make Yashua , Isa ,Jesus LQQk like every white nationality and as a result they got very confused
    The is a Polish looking Yashua , Iasa , Jesusfor the Pollacks , an Irish looking Yashua 1 Isa , Jesus , of the Irish , an Italian looking Yashua Isa Jesus for the Italians , a French looking Yashua , Isa , Jesus for the French , And even an American looking Yashua Isa Jesus for the Americans ,Done by the Jehovah Witnesses and the the Mormons have their own White Yashua , Isa Jesus , It's so sad . Can they accept him as he is ? Let's see , according to The Holy Bible , Yashua , Isa Jesus , was a black man . New findings in Israel every month bone , D.N.A. And genetics proves , not will or maybe , but that Yashua , Isa Jesus , Was A Nubian / Black / Negroid . But does that really matter , New findings in Israel every month bone , ,Isa Jesus was a Nubian , Black , Negroid , Man a Maur / Muur / Moor / Nubian . An African BBC ( Brithsh Broadeasting Corporation ) a mediadocumentary titled Yashua , Isa Jesus , A Black Man '' And used a computer - gencrated image of Yashua , Isa ,Jesus , to show what he LQQked like . A white forensic artist created this by using a 2,000 - year old skull of a judean man from Israel . The result has been described as a dark - skinned round - face , curly hairded man with astout nose . in an article titled You own personal Yashua , Issa , Jesus '' By Jennifer Askin of ABCNEWS .com , It states ; A new docummentary will show Yashua , Isa Jesus Christ as dark , round - faced , brown - eyed with a close - shaven beard and cropped hair . To some he may even LQQK swarthy and stocky . Producer of documentary , co - produced by the BBC and the discovery channel . insist ... the most accurat depiction .. because it came from a marriage of classic forensic science and modern computer technology So what they are trying to say without actually saying it is that Yashua , Isa Jesus Was A Nubian / Black , A Negroid '' a Black Man . '' .... The only people on this planet with hair like lamb's wool and feet of burnt copper are African called Nubian / Black , Negroids . Michelagelo's Creation . '' on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel , painted in 1508 A.D. , Of God and Adam , Leonardo De Vinci
    ( known for the Mona Lisa painting ) . modeled for the Racist image of God .
    ( The Caption above is the same caption under original picture in the Sistine Chapel ) . < That ' Racism > The is a very touchy Subject because of the adverse Racism that Has spent much time and effort and Billions of dollars in Racial Inferiority and Racial Superiority . But was it based on facts ? Were the Results From Research and Confirmation ? Well let's see because . the British Broadcasting Channel , known as BBC , has distributed a VHS Titled . Where Archeologist Uncovered Some Astonishing Facts . We can say to the question above . But before we venture down that road , Let me first establish that This Is Not An Attempt At Racial Superiority , In Fact , For The 400 Years Genesis 15 ; 13 - 21 .... That The Nubian / Blacks / African In America Have Been Kidnapped From Their Land Africa Taken Into Slavery And Taught The European , Roman , Gentile , version of White - washed Christianity , Hate Black Love White , Dark Bad Light Good ; We have acccepted without question that Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ , Was A Caucasian . His race didn't matter to us . We loved him for who he was and we love him for who he is . We proudly decorated our houses and our Churches with the pictures made available to us . Christ , Was A Caucasian . His race didn't matter to us . We loved him for who he was and we love him for who he is . We proudly decorated our houses and our Churches with the pictures made available to us . no fight or resistance because this was the Son of Elohyeem '' God '' , and we didn't know any better because we Didn't Control The Media . We Didn't Control The Publications Or The Bibles with pictures that Depicted him no fight or resistance because this was the Son of Elohyeem '' God '' , and we didn't know any better because we Didn't himNegroids , and you see all different types of Features , that in Actuality we are LQQking at different tribes of Abraham's seed the Ishmaelites , the Medianites , all Hebrews , the pure seed that are clustered together as a result of being sold and distributed throughout the land over 400 years ago . We were given English translations of The Holy Bible and The Noble's Koran And watched them change year after to new versions . So if the BBC With the Discovery Channel has Uncovered this new evidence , needless to say , we think everyone should know , And the way Nubians / Blascks Willfully Accepted Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ .When He Was White , our White Christian Brother and Sisters should equally Accept Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ now that White have discovered that in fact he was A Nubian / Blacks . The Video Is Available Through The Discovery Channel E7008 , And Is Titled Yashua , Isa Jesus ; The Complete Story '' It Runs For 2 Hours and 36 Minutes. Many Radical Racist Nubian / Blacks / Negroid Groups Have Yelled That Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ Is Black .... And The KKK Advocate that Yashua , Isa Jesus Is White , Reserch To Date Has Yielded The Bodies Of Mary Of Magdalene , Martha , And Lazarus . There Tombs Have Been Discovered With Their Names , And A Study Has Shown Through DNA . The Bone Examination , TThat he People Of The Village Of Magdella Where They Lived Were In Fact Nubians / Blacks / Negroids . It Doesn't Stop There . Acts Chapter 13 ; 1 Reads , Now There Was In The Church That Was In Antioch Certain Prophets And Teachers ; As Barnabas And Simon That Was Called Niger .... The Greek word being used in this quote is Niyep and means Black - Skinned '' '' IsNiger From Ancient Roman Which , Became Latin '' Nagra ' Used To This Present Day For Nubians/ Blacks / Negroids As Well As Morenos ( Moors ) , meaning a Nubian / Black Person . So We Find That Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Prophets , Teachers , His Own Disciples , relatives , His Associates Like Mary of Magdalene , Were All Nubians / Blacks / Negroids , Black - Skinned People , The Nubians / Blacks / Negroids Are Not The Gentiles . We Are The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel . We The Nubians / Blacks / Negroids / Niger ... Are from a holy bloodline that has been scattered all over the world and mostly Africa today . Our Hair Is Like That Of A Sheep or a lamb , nappy woolly , thick , not a goat straight or thin and In Matthew 25 ; 32 Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ said he separates the sheep from the goat . In Matthew 24 ; 9 Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ also said We Would Be Hated BY All Nations For My Name's Sake . And Even Today , Everybody seeems To Hate Nubian / Black / Negroids / Niger / Africans . We Are The Only Race Hated For Nothing But Our Skin Colour And Our Hair Texture And Of Course Our Noble Blood And For No Other Reason But What The White Media Portray Us As ... Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ , Said We Are The Salt Of The Earth But We Have Lost Our Savor In Matthew 5 ; 13 ... < Nubians / Blacks / Africa Were The First People On This Earth , The Mothers And Father Of All Civilization , The Salt Of This Earth . He Said They Will Chase You Out Of The Synagogues , And They..did in Matthew 10 ; 17, Mark 13 ; 9 , and John 16 ; 2 . So our traditional
    Judaic way of lifeas Hebrews isnot a religion to us we liveby keeping the laws and They Were Replaced By A Roman Paulite version of Hellenism ( Which will be Judaic way of lifeas Hebrews isnot a religion to us we liveby keeping '' Jews '' And Are Not . So There Are Those Impersonating Judaism Who Are Really Of Canaanite European Decent called Jew or Jewish .. are notThe Semetic ; they are Khazars from Europe , He also says but there are many of us that do believe on him and for them he gives the power to become the Sons Of God In John 1 ; 12 And through him and his Blood . And our genealogy we are made heirs to the kingdom of heaven in Roman 8 ; 17 , And We Shall Gather All Nations . Tongues , And Kindred , As It Says In Revelation 7 ; 9 . So The gathering Of The Other People Is On The First Begotten Of The Dead The Lost Tribe Of Judah , The Lost Tribe Of Judah , The Nubians / Blacks / Negroid .. Who Must Be Raised And Gather First Zechariah 12 ; 7 ... The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah. ;......
    Ques ; Why do you say that Judah is Nubians / Blacks / Negroids ?
    Because The Holy Bible used the word Niger In Act 13 ; 1 ....Now there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger , and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with Herod the ;...
    For Nubians / Blacks/ Negroids Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ A Brother Name Simon . Matthew 13 ; 55 Says .....
    Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon and Judas? ;....
    Verse 55 ... Is asking about Yashua , Isa Jesus And It Mentions One Of His Brothers Being Name Simon , Who Is Called Niger in the books of Acts 13 ; 1 There is no question throughout The Holy Bible that the Tribe of Judah Are Nubians , Blacks . Negroids . Even Jeremaih 14 ; 2 .... Judah mourneth, and the gates thereof languish; they are black unto the ground; and the cry of Jerusalem is gone up;...
    The word for ground in Modern Hebrew is erets - eh - rets , And it means earth , as in The Rich . Black Soil Of The Earth . As Opposed To The '' Adamah - Ad - aw -maw For Ground , Which Is Reddish , Ruddy Or Edom . And this is exactly what the Discovery Channel And The BBC . have uncoverd and have made public . Dr . Dan Bahaat . a European Jew from the University of Bar ILAN , has discovered several document of tombs inside the Great Church in Israel which he was able to date back 2000 years to the time of Yashua , Isa Jesus , the Judean Dr. Richard Neave , a European a medical artist from the Medical University of Manchester , Is The world's leading forensic pathologist , or reconstructor . He reconstructed the face of Yashua , Isa Jesus , From The Bones , Which They Found In A Tomb In Jrtusalem , In Bethlehem Of Judea Where In Matthew Chapter 2 Said Yashua . Isa , Jesus was born . Dr. Richard Neave took the Skull Of A Person From The Tribe Of Judah . Many Such Skulls Have Also Been Discovered . That Dates Back To Yashua' Isa , Jesus Time Bone Have Been Tested And Verified To Be From The First Century .
    Ques ; What Did These Arheologist Notice ?
    The first thing they noticed was that The Skull was more round than the present day Inhabitors of Jerusalem . The people who call themselves Israelis Today Are Not The Original People From Israel . The Round WaSkull s The Kind Of Face That You Find In North Africa , Egypt . These Are The Features Of Nubia In Sudan And Egypt . Those people you see in Egypt today are not the Indigenous Nubians / Blacks / Negroids . They Are Turks '' Caucasians , '' Dr. Mark Goodcar Stated That Yashua , Isa , Jesus Had A Short and curly afro . Which Is Nubians / Blacks / Negroid, This Statements That Are Being Said Are Not Racist Especially When It Is Caucasians Who Are Finding These Facts . He Also Stated That Yashua , Isa , Jesus Hair Was Black And Short , Not Long , In 1Corinthians 11 - 14 - 15 ;... Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him? 15 But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering. ;... Yet , Yashua , Isa , Jesus , is depicted as having shoulder - length hair . But The Holy Bible right there says that would be a shame . So I Ask You Which Yashua , Isa , Jesus , does , Saul , Shool , Paul follow and have you following ? Get That False Yashua , Isa , Jesus Image Out Your Homes , Churches , Offices , Remove Those Tattoos . That's The Image Of The Beast . This Is Saul . Shool . Paul . Own Racism Carried On To This Day . Saul Shaool . Paul . Is Like A Flickering Flame. He Flickers Back And Forth . One Moment He's Supposedly Receiving Messages From Yashua , Isa , Jesus . The' Next Moment He Does Thing Contrary To Yashua , Isa , Jesus ,
    OverStand ;.... In The Epistle to Corinthians It States That It Is Disgraceful For A Man To Have Long Hair '' Fur '' The Picture Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Has A WomanHairstyle . These Were Supposedly Men Who Walked With Yashua , Isa , Jesus ;... Yashua , Isa , Jesus , However We Do Know That Saul , Shool , Paul Never Walked With Yashua , Isa , Jesus , If Yashua , Isa , Jesus did have long hair , then it would be deceitful for Yashua , Isa , Jesus , disciple to preach differently . So In No Way Would Yashua , Isa , Jesus Have Long Hair . That Is Another Yashua , Isa ,Jesus ;.... Rev. Dr. Tom Wright , A Caucasian Theologian also agrees that Yashua , Isa , Jesus was a Nubian / Black / Negroid / man with short , Afro - Hair and a short black beard .All Of Them Agree That The Many Picture Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus Today are not the true likeness . He Was Dark - Skinned With Nappy Hair , like all the original tribes of Abraham . Dr. Joe Zias , an Archeologist , Dr. Gloria Moss , A Historian , Dr Sue Minter . A Curator , And Professor James H . Charlesworth , A Princeton Theologian , Were Also Featured On This Tape And All Agreed To The Physical Description Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus Of The Judean Tribe . ;... Now That Your Archeologists Have Discovered The Bones Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Family , We Are Grateful For These New Facts . But It Doesn't Change How We Feel About Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Being The Son Of God . However , the image of Yashua , Isa, Jesus Changes the Visible Image of the Invisible Gods , it says ias n Colossians 1 ; 15 ;...
    And Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Said ''' He that seen me hath seen the father ...
    ( John 14 ; 9 ) ;.. Go back to Genesis 6 ; 3 , when Elohyeem '' God '' says '' My spirit shall not always strive with man , for that he also is flesh ;.... And Then Further back to Genesis 1 ; 2 , The Spirit of Elohyeem '' God '' not God himself or Elohyeem themselves , this was Yashua , Isa , Jesus , John 3 ; 13 - 16 , John 6 ; 33 - 38 , John 17 ; 5 , And now , O father , glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was ;... Yes , Yashua , Isa , Jesus was within Yahayyu as an Elohyeem before while they were being formed . He was a spirit being before he became flesh Genesis 1 ; 27 And 5 ; 2 ;... '' God ( Elohyeem ) created man ( Adam ) in his image andafter his likeness . And then when we LQQk in John 1 ; 14 ;... It Says The Word Was Made Flesh , Which Is Yashua , Isa . Jesus the word of God ( Elohyeem ) . By virtue of the fact that God ( Elohyeem ) said that Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Christ is the visible image , it means that he can be seen with the physical eye , You can see his body and to say , Believe thou not that I am in the Father , and the Father in me ? The words that I speak unto you I i Speak not of myself ; but The Father That Dwelleth In Me , he doeth the works '' ;... As It States In John 14 ; 10 ;... refers to his phusical appearance with the Ruakh = '' Soul '' Of Yahayyu In Him Making Him Nephesh = '' Spirit '' And Bashr = '' Flesh '' Son of Elohyeem '' God '' , Son Of Man . Again , It was caucaians who uncovered this information andmade it public , therefore it Cannot Be Taken As Racism . ;... We must worship Elyon El '' The Most High God '' in spirit and in truth ( John 4 ; 24 ) Is that Yashua , Isa , Jesus we are worshipping ? No . John 14 ; 6 , '' Jesus saith unto him , I am the way , the truth and the life ; no man cometh unto the Father , But by me , But if we want anything from the Father John 15 ; 16 , '' Ye have not chosen me, but I Have chosen you , and ordained you , that ye should go and bring forth fruit , and that your fruit should remain ; that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name , he may give it You .
    It says clearly in The Holy Bible that no man has seen Elyon El '' The Most High God '' John 1 ; 18 , And that Elyon El '' The Most God '' is the Father Galatian 4 ; 6 , Who art Heaven Matthew 6 ; 9 ;... What's Sad is that The Holy Bibles today are in English from Latin And Greek . Some even from Geman translation and the word God is Misused and Mixed Up with Lord Yahayyu ( Lord ) Elohyeem ( Gods ) got mixed up , Yahayyu is in Heaven as the Lord God or the Yahayyu of the Elohyeem which are Plural Gods or Judges According To Online Bible Strog's Number 0403 elohiym < Aramic / Hebrew meaning plural rulers , judges . divine ones . So now God is used throughout The Holy Bible and Lord is mixed up . There is a distinction beteween the Unseen ( The Father ) called the El Elyown for the Most High God , Psalms 82 ; 6 . And Yashua . Isa . Jesus As The Visible image of the Invisible God and you being adopted Sons Of God Galatian 4 ; 5 , And heirs to the Kingdom of God Galatians 4 ; 7 , As In Revelation 21 ; 1 , There is a distinction being made . It is clear that there is a holy seed that is related to ( God ) Elohyeem through Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ and there's an unholy seed Elohyeem related to the Serpent through Lucifer Genesis 3 ; 15 . And Yashua . Isa , Jesus Christ called The unholy seed The Goat Or Rams Matthew 25 ; 32 And He Called The Holy Seed , Sheep , Or Lambs . Therefore . This Is The Time Of The Harvest And The Holy Seed , The Lost Sheep Of The House Of Israel Matthew 10 ; 5 - 6 ;... The Tribe Of Judah Must Be Called . We Are A Visble Image Of Our Invisible Heavenly Father . < As I Have Said Many Many Time Before Don't Believe Me Check It Out ForYourself You Can Do Your Own Research And Write , Call Or E mail These Television Stations And Websites And Receive The Same Documentaries Now That White People Are Finally Admitting That Yashua , Isa , Jesus Was Undoubtedly Nubians / Blacks Negroid . Maybe Now You Will Believe It ;...
    Ques ; If The descripture of Yashua , Isa , Jesus Is Right In Revelation 1 ; 14 - 15 , How Did The Image Of The Beast Start ?
    The Image Of The Beast Started With A Fabrication Of The Race Yashua , Isa , Jesus , Originally Drawn Only As Pictures ;...It Says In Revelation 13 ; 15 . That This Is An Image Of A Man And I Quote '' And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast , that the image of the beast should both speak . andcause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed ''
    So The Beast , The Devil , The Deceiver , Is A Man, A Mortal Revelation 13 ; 18 ,
    Here Is Wisdom . Let Him That Hath Understanding Count The Number Of The Beast ; For It Is The Number Of A Man ; And His Number Is Six Hundred Threescore And Six '' They Took This Drawing Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus , As A White Man And Moved On To The Next Level . They Gave Him Power By Saying , If You Worship That White Image Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus Christ Then All Of Your Troubles Will Go Away . Next , The Intensified The Image Of The Beast By Giving The Picture Life , Making Yashua , Isa , Jesus Movies Films , Even Animated To Give It Life , Make It Walk And Talk . Give The Image Life .
    Ques ; How Did They Give Life To The Beast ?
    Well , They Went From Still Picture To Motion Pictures And Then They Start
    Making Movies Of Yashua , Isa , Jesus And Using Human Movie Stars , Caucasians Of Course . Giving The Image Of The Beast Life . Notice In In Revelation 13 ; 15 It States That Giving Life And Power To The Image Of The Beast . To A Picture That They Created . Then It Proceeds On And Says That This Beast Should Be Able To Speak Because They Went From Silent Movies To Talking Movies . That This Beast Would Cost Inasmuch As Those Who Would Not Worship The Image Of The Beast Should Be Killed . That Is . They Would Actually Turn Race Of People Against Themselves And Have Them Kill Each Other For The Image Of The Beast . It Started Off As A Drawing And Now It Has Escalated Into Million Dollar Motion Pictures That Make People Really Think That The Pictures They See Are Real . These Images Have Become Alive In The Expert Acting Of Actors Portraying Themselves As Yashua . Isa Jesus Christ , In The Image Of What The Holy Bible Describes As The Beast In ( Revelation 13 ) . It Goes So Far That These People Will Deliver You Into Their Hands And Actually Think That They Are Doing God's Service ( John 16 ; 2 ) .Yes , The Devil Satan Will Even Apper To You As An Angel Of Light ( Amber Light ) . You Will Say I Saw A Bright Angel , Gold Light , Beautiful And You Are Seeing An Angel Of God Who Tell You To Do This For That And You Think You Have The Holy Spirit Guiding You When All The Time It Was Satan That Other Spirit , Another Spirit 2Corinthians 11 ; 14 ;... Now , LQQk At Verse 12 , 2Corinthian 11 ; 13 .. Who Is This? Saul , Shaool , Paul . Who Did The See On The Road To Damascus ? AndNow Verse 14 Speak Of Saul . Shaool
    Paul's Followers 2Corinthians 11 ; 15 .. Make Note That Saul , Shaool . Paul Declared That He Was A Disciple . Minister . Teacher , Preacher And Apostle To The Gentiels ( 2Timothy 1; 11 ) Yashua , Isa Jesus Warns Repeatedly Of Deceivers Who Will Come In His Name And Shall Deceive Many Matthew 24 ; 5 . These People Are So Blinded A By False Belief In A Fake Jesus 2Corinthians 11 ; 4 - 5 , A Fake Gosple Galatian 1 ; 6 - 8 ... 2Corinthians 11 ; 4 .... Colossians 1 ;
    6 - 7 ... And A Fake Spirit 2Corinthians 11 ; 4 .. That They Become Possessed And Really Worship . Call , Pray And Cry To An Image Of The Beast . Satan As Their Their Unholy Spirit ( Angel ) Of Light ( Fire ) . Sadly Enough , The Devil Will Respond To Them 2Corinthians 11 ; 14 . He Will Give Them Great Signs And Wonders Matthew 24 ; 24 ... It Says In Revelation 12 ; 9 That This Is The Man That Deceiveth The Whole World In Isaiah 14 ; 12 - 17 , But LQQk At Verse 16 '' They That See Thee Shall Narrowly LQQk Upon Thee , And Consider Thee , Saying Is This Man That Made The Earth To Tremble . That Did Shake Kingdoms ''It's Reiterated That This Dragon Is A Man , Which Is The Master Trick Of The Devil . He Is Leading Evangelism . Through Mind Control , Satan As An Angel Of Light . So Now That The Holy Bible Says Satan Is An Angel Of Light ; Then Light Is Bad And Black Or Dark Is Good , Right ? He Is Out Front In Propagation . The Image Of The Beast Is The Image Of This Man Who Drew The Picture Of His Own Race , European , And Now He Control That Christian Church . He Controls The Jewish Synagogue And Controls The Muslim's Mosque , And Created Their Version Mosesism .. Christism And Muhammadism , All False Teaching Of The Truth ... To See How This Satan As An Angel Of Light Has Deceived , Tricked And Changed The Original Into What You Have Today Full Of Mistakes So You Would Lose Faith . So The Point Is That The Devil Makes False Replicas Of Himself To Take Over Other People's Culture And Images . He Sneaks In Amongst The People Like The Light - Skinned Hyksos From Canaan And Marries Amongst Them Even The Dark Skinned In Egipt From Africa . He Spreads His Cursed Seed , And In Time . Captures The Culture And Picks Up The Name And Says We Are The Egiptians ( Heket - Khasut ) , We Are The Real Jews , The Christian , The Muslims , Etc . Caucasians Come To The Shores Of America , Win The Trust Of The Black Indigenous People , Conquers Them By Marriage , And Then Declares He Is An American Indian . He Comes In Throughout North Africa From Egipt Today To Morocco . Mixes His Venomous Blood In Converts To The Religion , Take Over As An Authonity And Declares Himself An Arab And Says He Is The Founder Of Islam . He Creates A Fake Image Of Muhammad As A Caucasian And A Subtle Racist Doctrine In Their Customs And Traditions Called Sunna And Hadith . If You Don't Accept These Traditions You're Not Real Muslim . These Terrorists Are Satans , Devils . They Are Working Together , So Now when Saul , Shaool . Paul Created A New Church , And If Saul Shaool , Paul Had A New Caucasian Christ , Then With That Comes A New Gospel . That Means A New Teaching Which Voids The Old Teaching Of The Real Yashua , Isa , Jesus Son Of God Even Though . He Said In Matthew 5 ; 17 '' I Did Not Come To Change The Laws ... And As He Stated In Matthew 5 ; 18 '' One Jot Or One Tittle Shall In No Wise Passs From The Law .... Then In Fact Saul , Shaool , Paul Creates A New Gosple Against The Laws Of Elyon El . The Most High God '' Of The Holy Bible , The God Of Avraham , Ibrahim , Abraham , Isaac , Yacov , Ya'qub , Jacob . And Moshen , Musa . Moses And The Real Yashua , Isa , Jesus
    It Doesn't Stop There Because It Goes On To Say Another Spirit Will Govern This New Church Of Gentiles . This Is The 6 - Ether Spirit The Unholy Spirit , A Ghost That Possesses People And Puts Them Under A Spell Of Ignorance , Legions Of Devil Where They Willingly Desert The Real Yashua , Isa , Jesus , For A Fake Jesus Christ And The Real Gospel For A Fake Gospel And The Real Holy Spirit For An Unholy Spirit 2Corinthians 11; 4 The Result Is That Those Nubians / Blacks / Negroids That Are Caught Under The Spell Of The 6 - Ether Ghost Become Possessed With An Unholy Spirit . The Spell Of Leviathan Or Kingu , Also Called In Egipt Amam .. They Sell Their Very Soul To The Beast And Receive A Mark Of Approval , Faith In The Image Of The Beast . They Will Even Put Upon Their Chest The Cross Of The Crucifixion , The Cross Of The 6th hour ( 6 - ether ) Darkness Sixth Hour Noon 12; 00 P.M. Instead Of The Cross Of The 9th hour , Mark 15 ; 33 '' And When the sixth hour was come , there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour ninth hour 3 ; 00 P.M. Which Is A Symbol Of The Ever Living Saviour Who Is Alive Right Now In Heaven With His Father Waiting To Return For Us
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    I have to say that I am absolutely disgusted by what I've just read. You've taken sound theological doctrine and replaced it with racist nonsense. You state repeatedly that race doesn't matter but it obviously does as you refuse to let it go. You mixed in common street philosophy with the word of God and label yourself as being knoledgable. You make claims of how Paul has misled and confuse others but you constantly quote his letters to justify your so called positive comments. It's obvious that you have no real training or satifsctory formal education based on your style of writing and your inability to reason and get your point across without did refuting yourself.
    Word to the wise: The Noble doesn't contradict itself. But man does, and especially men who don't have the ability to understand the word if God. Jesus Christ is Lord period. He is the seal of the prophets and the only begotten Son of the Father. This alone rejects Islam and puts it with others as a false religion and checks the Jews as also being non believers. The argument is silly, fruitless and absolutely irrelevant in the true scheme of things which is the saving of lost souls. That can't be done if one is arguing over something silly like color. If you love him, it doesn't matter.
  3. Clyde C Coger Jr

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    In the Spirit of Sankofa,

    ... Welcome and thanks for posting Har Han. This applies the biblical answer to the question:

    Peace In,

  4. Kemetstry

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    He was also describe as bronze in some translations

  5. Angela22

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    Descriptions of the Holy Son are given, yes, but one should focus more on what He taught and gave us for salvation and not solely on what His appearance might have been as He walked this earth. It was given to those of the time He walked this earth to behold His earthly appearance, while we have the faith He has given us to know He did indeed walk it. And that during His time here, He died for our sins, and was resurrected for our life and redemption; something none other could give us, save the Father and the Son, alone.

    It matters what He looks like as He holds the image of the Father, but let none forget what He did as example for us, because He did as the Father, also.

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