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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

In an evil capitalist and social stratified barbaric Tribal system, is your intelligence determine by your material and political worth among your own kind ?

can there be a Just explanation as to why it is that the more property you gain into your possession and the higher your social status you gain in a government of Tribal politics, the more influence Afrikans have with those that have not, and is not in favor of the Ruling Class Government of a Society, that has been split asunder alone so call contrived Tribal stratum, in a common Society, where the only Difference of the Tribes are sub-ethnic marks, self imposed to draw the difference between a people that is identical by their phenotype ?

Is it by some Magic or is it a self imposed curse, that all of us Black People In Afrika or in the Diaspora, where some of us now reside, live out the Horror that has been instilled within us, to act out in an uncivilized manner against each other, in a way that prove we have been Demonically possessed by a new and different Being, while at the same Time, the most Horrific acts against the once Divine Being, is carried out by those that claim to be the most intelligent amongst us, based on their Social, Economic, and Political status, by a Government that is supposed to be Govern by the People of that Society.

Yet it is the action that is generated from those accomplished people that carry the Lowest of Evil against the people of same kind, they are those, the accomplished so call Afrikans, they that claim the highest intelligence, when in fact their attitude and behavior reflect that they are the most ignorant of us all.

Have you ever stop to study the attitude and Behavior of the most accomplished among us Afrikan American and Afrikan in Afrika and how they claim to be the most intelligent of us all, that is not of such accomplishment, for what ever the reason might be, yet they be the most foolish acting Afrikan of us all, claiming to be so intelligence, so I ask, is it the amount of Money or political power Afrikans have that equal to the amount intelligence Afrikans have ?

If not, then will someone tell me why it is that we judge those among us Afrikans, based upon such a Status of Deception and pay tribute and respect to those Afrikans of such a Deceiving Status in our Midst.

Beloved, the Mind is so powerful but at the same Time it is so delicate and if not under your control, your Mind can be taken possession of and you then can be made to be the person that you are not, and that is a Slave to the Afrikan Deceivers amongst us, claiming to be the most intelligent of us, based on what some of us have been allowed to accomplish in a Capitalist and Tribal oriented Social disorder of Authoritarian Democratic form of Governing.

The Collective People of the Afrikans, is where the Power Lies, yet it is the Collective Afrikans that have allowed our Mind to be taken possession of and that is why it is the Few of the Afrikans that now Rule the Many of us Afrikans as we have been mentally conditioned to Worship and Honor Property Owners and Political Figures as being the cream of the Afrikan crop of intelligence, amongst us Afrikans, when in fact they are the Devil amongst us.

Yet, it is as if the Majority of Afrikans who are caught up in a Tribal Trance that serve to the Detriment of the Collective all, and to the advantage of the individual Few amongst us Afrikans, and as long as that imbalance be treated to be the Norm, the Black so call Afrikan Nation will Die and Fade into the Melting Pot of Racial Collective oblivion, never to rise again on this planet, in the state of our Divinity.

The Foolish Afrikans amongst us are those that make claim to be the most intelligent amongst us and is running to and fro in Afrika, killing as the savage Tribalism has made them to become toward each other and the proof of their idiocy is the way that they act and behave toward those people that have a history of oppressing the Collective Afrikans and the way that the so call accomplished Afrikans act and behave toward the Members of their Collective Afrikans, using the Evil of Tribalism to maintain the Imbalance among all of the so call Afrikans, knowing full well that if the so call Afrikans collectively denounce and disregard the fallacy of Black so call Afrikan Tribalism, that the so call accomplished claiming to be intelligent Afrikans, will carry no weight of Fear over the Collective many of us so call Afrikan Black People in Afrika and then it would be Woe is Unto Them, the Demons of tribal executions.

So, what is it that I am saying, is it the need for Afrika to come back to be for the Afrikans, and the Collective Afrikans must do what is required of them to do in order to become United again, and gain control of Afrika and the Mind of the so call Afrikans, once more ?

Well, I will Leave That For You To Figure Out How It Is To Be Done.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You

Chief Elder

All I can say is I agree. Most do not overstand your statements because they continue to be caught up in getting theirs.most will not subscribe to this thought process because they still do not see themselves as a part of it all. Thus to posses something of material
Mattr is to possess ones self. Thus we continue to
To compete and with them and their foolishness grabbing up more of ourselves to satisfy our illusion of self worth as defined by this day and time . There is much response ability u place on the melanated being whom was brought to this continent against their will. Your constant concern and addressing us as being the ones whom can restore order is unshakable. I would love to close my eyes and feel not see what is on the horizon for us. That u know to be so in your heart regarding the actions we must and will do to restore balance. It must be wonderdul. Hotep dear elder that u for your persistence at a time when it is more fashionable to let it do what it do.


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