Chief Elder Osiris : Does Religious Praying Prevent Black People From Becoming Mentally Free?

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    Does Religious Praying Prevent Black People From Becoming Mentally Free?

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    The Greatest Enemy to The Black World Today Is The Human Being Religion and Their Agents Of Missionaries And Ministers.

    Everything Black people do should be about Freeing our Mind and Body from the shackles of the Human Being Mind and all of Black people effort should be about saving our Black Life, from the present condition that now cause the Black Life to suffer in discomfort, anything other than that, make Black people to be a contributor to our present Life living condition.

    So tell me, what is it that now guide and control Black people Life, is it not religion that the Human Being has established to be the necessary occurrence in Black people Life, is it not the Human Being that introduced and taught Black people about religion and its requirements, regarding what need to be done in our Life in order for us to gain Eternal Life in Heaven, a concept created by the Human Being as they, through their religion, taught us how we must perceive God to be, as they laid out God meaning and purpose to us Black people, and did we not accept such a religious doctrine without question, to live our Black Life by, in this world, on this planet we call Earth ?

    So beloved, is not religious praying the foundation to abiding by the tenets of the Human Being Religion and have we Black Folks been the people that have followed those religious tenets religiously and is it not a fact that we do Pray unceasingly, asking our Religious God for anything and everything we have been put in a condition of want, so our Life can be Saved, not for purpose to Live it Freely and Peacefully on this planet, but so that it will be saved, in order to be able to journey into the Human Being religious Heaven, to live with God throughout Eternity, is this such a want, that fuel our desire to pray ?

    Beloved, there is a difference in religiously praying, as oppose to Divine Mentitation, ( Divine term ) ( Human Being term, meditation )

    Religiously praying, cause you to take up your Time in appealing to a Human Being God, so created by the Human being, a God that the Human Being have gotten you to believe,does in fact have eyes to see, ears to hear, a tongue to talk, a nose to smell and the ability to feel and touch, having likes and dislikes, capable of punishing that "HE" does not like, a God as you and I, a Body God that has all of the frailties as the Human being Mind has, so, is this not the God Black Folks pray to today and have been praying to such a God, every since we opt to become a Human Being instead a Divine Being as our Ancient Cosmic Divine Black First Way Ancestors qualified and left us to be, upon this planet call Earth ?

    Beloved, it is that type of Religious praying that have gotten the Black World into the condition we now suffer in our Life today, because in our act of praying we seek not to save our Life on Earth, using our own action to be guided by our Divine Mind, no, we rather pray religiously for a false God to save our Life for us, not to live Heavenly Peaceful on this earth but to live such a Life in Heaven, and you now wonder why it is that the Black World is in the condition it is now in, regarding our Black Life ?

    Beloved, the Divine Theology as shared with us by our Ancient Divine First way Black Ancestors, such Divine information reveal to us, only in a Divine Mental setting, the Divine Essence of God, and that God, is most certainly not an anthropomorphous Being, as you and I.

    Therefore, the method used to make connection, not with God, but with the entity that serve as the God of our Life Body, the Soul, that is the Energy which put us in communication with our Divine First Way Ancestors, who is god-like, in term of being Divine on the physical level of our Life of illusional Living.

    So now, they of whom we have the ability to become as they were, while on this planet, they now reside in every strand of our DNA, the action that is generated from the source, it being our Soul, which is qualified to cause us to be as we need to Divinely be, having the potential of knowing the Divine Truth concerning God, Universe, and our Black Life.

    Such information come not by prayer, but by Divine Mentitation and it is that Divine information that inform the Black Life about it being our Life we have been given charge to protect and Live Divinely.

    Religiously praying, serve to be a hindrance to the Black Life redemption and becoming Liberated, because religion serve as a distraction away from our Black selves, teaching us to believe in a God that is not there, as so portrayed by the Human Being, and religion teach us to believe that we must forsake all thought about saving our Life for this body living on this planet Earth, in a glorious and peaceful Life Living, and not in a Heavenly Life Living, out in space, where only Divine Existence is en wrapped in the non-material action of Eternity Infinity, it being there, in the presence of the Perfect Night, the Essence out of which all things flow.

    Beloved, when you do not know, you set yourselves up to believe any and all things told to you by the Human Being, a confessed Liar and Deceiver that they are.

    Beloved, it is religious praying that prevent the Black world from being able to Divinely Mentitate ( meditate ) and the reason is that we no longer operate in our Divine Mind, a Mind that revolve in the Circle of Harmony, Order, and Balance, the dynamics that qualify you to See into Infinity and to know the reason and purpose of the Finite living, meaning that you are qualified to Know What God Is and Its Essence Is Not, this informed knowledge come from Divinely Mentitating beloved and not religiously praying.

    All Religion and every aspect of its action is to keep the Black World in the condition we now are living our Life, religion is not designed to save the Black world Life, it has come to destroy the Black world Life, proof you need, then Black Woman and Man, go!, go!, go and run as fast as you can and fetch your Mirror and behold the destruction of the Black World Life and such a condition come as you pray unceasingly, so does it stand with profound Reasoning and Logic, that praying do not have the power to save the Black Life, ,just to destroy it ?

    Beloved, it is Divine Mentitation that is capable of awakening the divine Mind within your Black Body and it is that Method of action, capable of putting you back in connection with that quality of a Mental process, which is and only is capable of raising up a dying Black World, in order for it to be qualified to save this physical illusional world.

    You Black Woman and Man, is the so call Jesus of the World, the Jesus in the act of the word of being capable of saving the Black World, yet you now is being Crucified, for the lack of Knowledge about yourselves and thus, the world in general is being misled by a Religion so designed for such to be.

    But it is the Human Being mission to destroy the Black World, the only World qualified to bring Divinity back into our Black Lives, a requirement, if we are ever to enjoy the the relationship we once had with the Elemental Universe and the Perfect Night, which is The Holy Of Holy Existence, Where The God Essence Reveal the God Energy to Be Of That Divine Truth and Reality.

    Beloved, to Mentitate is to be able to Divinely Mentally Levitate as well as gravitate, yet such Action take place only from within your Divine Mind, which is to take place in the Physical realm of our Body illusion.

    Beloved, the Soul, Mind, Body, Spirit, such is not about Going anywhere, but is about Being Not, while being As Is everywhere, which is of the Essence of All there Is not, But Is, What It Is, The God Of It, It Being The Perfect Night.

    I Come I Share, You Either Accept Or Reject, I Move On Remaining Obedient To The gods, Our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Way Black Ancestors, Seeking Not Your Approval Or Disapproval, Just Your Divine Mind I Seek.

    Here Is Loving you

    Chief Elder
    Author Of: Lies About God
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    Thank you for this Chief Elder...

    We need root out the religion :getout:

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    Beloved King god Chief Osiris:

    Yes, RELIGION IS IN THE WAY. Where we find the residual of religion we find he Path that leads to death.

    We are equipped with ALL that we need to get that which we desire.

    We are the ANSWERCESTORS, through Menatation. If our lives is not always in a Divine menatative state, someone else world is in our minds.

    Again I say. Your Divine Cosmic Missives cannot be found in libraries, dictionaries or GOOGLE searched, only when we, Allow your mind to wander into the ABYSS of Infinity, and allow your mind to comprehend what you see. There you will be in the circle that reveals the Divine Truth, and that which is Divinely Real.(osiris)-- That place (Abyss of Infinity) where we once lived our lives, and that place our people fear because they fear/hate themselves.

    Who is it among us who do not desire to Be One with the Divine reveler of us?

    If the europeans was the ones revealing what you are revealing to us, the people would embrace your missives.

    The european god (religion) is the black man devil. Our people love being human only/only human, hog and pig slop. Just can't seem to get enough of that only human stuff.

    Gone with The Wind: It Just Ain't Fittin. It Just Ain't Fittin.


    Goddess Isis