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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Yes, this is about the present Presidential primary Election and when I hear Black Folks express a Mind that is Halted between two opinions, concerning whether to vote for Obama or Hillary and especially when the indecisiveness is coming from the Black Womb Gender, claiming to be torn between choosing, based on Race or based on Gender, when I see and hear this indecisiveness of Choice among black People, it baffle the Hell that I am in, here in this evil world and America in particular

    Beloved, one thing Obama candidacy has done is to reveal how pitiful Minded that we Black Folks are and I use Black because you know whom I am referencing and I do not intend to become a part of the act of distracting concerning whom we are as a Being that has been told by our Divine First Way Ancestors that we do not know whom we are as a Corporeal Being with a Pigment that is without what is considered to be of Color, so I will refer to us as Black People in my action of describing whom I am referring to in this Missive, which are Black People.

    Now, on with what I am about to share with you Black People, here we are, those of us that participate in White folks Politics, you are about to cast a vote in this presidential Primary election where the choice is between a Black man and White Folks, regardless of gender and you are He-hawing over whether you should vote for Obama or Hillary, well some of you are saying that Obama is not Black Enough, not in pigment and not in belief, and I say to such a statement of hypocrisy, eliminate Obama and tell me what you have to choose from, stopping short of not choosing at all, but that is a decision you Black people have to make.

    I hear Black Women say that they do not know who to vote for, the choice is so challenging because when I look at there being a Black Man and a White Woman to choose from, I am Torn inside and you act as if the two are compatible, you act as if Hillary is a Woman without a past Ancestry, the Black Woman is now playing the Gender game with her Mind without justification, between these two Democratic Presidential Contenders, so allow me to remind you of something my beloved Black People and I mean you no disrespect, I am just trying to get us some.

    First of all, we are still without Justice being our Friend in America and Hillary nor Obama will be qualified to bring peace between Black People in America and Justice, regardless of who will become president of America, be it Hillary, Obama, McCain, Huckabee, Romney or any of the other Republican candidates, the Environment in America is not condusive to Black people receiving Justice here.

    So Tell be Black People, does Race Trump Gender on this presidential occasion, when gender is on the other side, did the Slave Masters take Gender into consideration when they enter Afrika and captured our Mothers and Fathers, Did Gender take Front Center Stage when White Women could not have their way with both our Mother and Father and caused harm to come to them, did they attempt to prevent their Husbands from Raping and Mutilating our Mothers, has Gender ever been a factor of respect when the action of Racism is practice, Unjustified Prejudice, and Discrimination against Black People in America, is the norm of the America day ?

    So tell me beloved, what do you use to justify you being confused as to whom you should vote for in this Democratic Primary, have you become so addicted to lying to yourselves and living a life of Fantastic Illusions, when it come to our status in America, as Black People ?

    Tell me, why is it that you Black People can become so passionate involved over the Choice you have in this Primary Election that will choose who it will be that will stand for you in striving to become President of America, when in fact you can not bring yourselves to show such a Passion for Reparation, which represent the Racial oppression of our Enslaved Ancestors, they being of the Race members of your Mother and Father, how foolishly pitiful we black folks appear to be, during this Presidential Primary season, becoming so passionate and emotional involved to the point that it reveal whose Mind that you Black people function with, a Mind that prevent you from seeing who it is that is among you that have fooled you in claiming to be your Leaders.

    How can you allow those handkerchief head Preachers stand in your Pulpit and choose Hillary over Obama, forget about the political Game, this is about Race, which Hillary forced it into becoming, because she know that the foundation of America Society is based upon the action of Racism, a Race act that far exceed the rank and file of America Society, yet the rank and file of white folks are guilty of practicing unjustified Prejudice against Black so call Afrikan Americans, as you follow and listen to the most Racist institution in America, which is the American Media, because it is the Media that shape your believing decisions concerning your Life action.

    Don't get me wrong, in my book, Obama is a poor excuse of a Black man running for President but when the choice in America Politics come down to be between a Black man and a White Woman, just by attrition, I am forced to be in support of Obama with my Eyes Wide Open and My Divine Mind Centered to reveal to me the Divine Truth about the status of position that the Black so call Afrikan America occupy in America and that Obama, President or not, will not be allowed to change that Truth concerning our position and condition in America Society.

    You black People are acting as Children do on Christmas day, full of excitement over a Days event that is shrouded in Lies and acts of Deception but the Child is so over come with Fantasy and Emotion, until it prevent them from caring whether that day come upon a lie or not, as a matter of fact the child do not want to hear the Truth about there being no Santa Claus, so it is with black People, concerning this Presidential Election, you not wanting to be reminded that Obama is Black and Hillary is a White Woman and now you are presented with an opportunity to show where your Loyalty is centered, and this is what this presidential Primary reveals, because it most certainly is not going to change the lives condition of Black so call Afrikan Americans, they that fall below the American Middle Class, so this Presidential Democratic Primary is not about change, it is about Selfish authority and opportunity in a Country where Justice is alien to the Life of the so call Black Afrikan American.

    Not until the issue of Reparation is addressed Justly, will Race cease to become an issue for Injustice !!!

    The Divine Truth, The Black So Call Afrikan American Despise The Divine Truth.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


    Chief Elder
    [email protected]