Black Spirituality Religion : Does Our Symbol Represent The Magen David ( The So-Called Jewish Star ) Part 1

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    Does Our Symbol Represent The Magen David ( The So-Called Jewish Star ) Part 1 <>No ! the symbol of the so-called Jewish people ( Jebusites Of Canaan ) . The Magan David , Is The '' Interlocking '' six-pointed star . They claim that this is The Shield Of David . The are '' Incorrect '' because The Shield of David was The Six - Point Star , And The Seal Of Solomon was The Five - Pointed Star . Neither of them were '' Interlocking '' ( The Six-Pointed Star / The Interlocking Six-Pointed Star ) Compare These Symbols And See For Yourself That The Symbol ( Magen David ) Is Not The Same As Yours !!!

    Let me stress the point that '' Jew '' is not synoymous to Israelite or Yahuwdiy . As you have been led to believe . The Torah never spoke of these So-called Jews . The Euro-American took the name Judah , Who was The Fourth Son Of Jacob ( Israel ) , And made up A New Nationality . They took the first part of Judah and cut off the last Prounciation '' Ju-Dah '' And then Labeled themselves '' Jews '' Or '' Jewish '' . Judahites are African / Nubian - Americans , Not Jewish . Jew Is '' Not '' A Hebrew Word ! Their Language Is Yiddish . Not Hebrew .

    It Is Imperative That You Know And OverStand That The So-called Jews Today Are Really From The Curse Seed Of Libana ( Canaan ) And Descendants Of Halaabean / Flugelrods . They are the descendants of Canaan's third son . Jebus ( Jebusiy ) and are therefore called Jebusites . They migrated to Palestin with Abraham [ Ab - ( Heart ) - Ra - ( Sun Deity ) - Ham ( Kemet or Kham - For Blackness or Majesty ) ( Heart of The Majesty of Re ) , They the so-called Jew were displace by the True Israelites ( Tribes Of Benjamin And Judah ) After Their Sojourning In The Wilderness In Fulfillment Of The Creator's Covenant ,

    with Abraham ( Heart Of The Majesty Of Re ) As Prophesied Geneis 28 ;4-13-15 ; Exodus 33;8 . These Jebusites are '' Not '' real Israelites , They are descendant from The Khazar Kingdom ( Located In The Northern Caucasus Region ) And are part of the Empire of Turkistan Turks . In The Eighth Century . They Offically Adopted Judaism as their Religion . Yet They Are '' Not '' Judahites , And The Messiah Yashu'a ( Jesus Of 2,000 Years Ago ) Warns Us That They Are Liars And The Vessels Of Satan .

    Revelation 2 ; 9 ( Modern Greek Script )
    I - do know your < Er-gon > works labour and < Thlip-sis > troubles , And
    < Pto-khi-ah > Poverty but thou art < Ploo-see-os > rich and I know the
    < Blas-fay-me-ah > Blasphemy = disagreeablness of them < Ho > which is
    < Leg-o > Said against you by those who claim to be < Ee-oo-dah-yos > of Judea of the real house of Israel . But are not , They are the < Soon-ag-o-ay
    Congregation , Synagogue of < Sat-an-as > The evil one , The devil , satan ,

    Surely I know about your tribulation and your poverty . Nevertheless , you are rich and there is great blasphemy against you by those who say ; Surely they say they are of yehuwdan and they are not of yehuwdad . They are the community of the physical Ha -satan . ''

    Revelation 3;9 ( Modern Greek Script )
    < Id-oo > Look I will < Did-o-mee > give them of the < Soon-ag-o-gay > Synagogue of < Sat-an-as > satan . < Ho > which < Leg-o > say they are
    < Ee-oo-dah-yos > Jews , and are not , But do < Psyoo-dom-ahee> lie ;
    < Id-oo > look . I will < Poy-eh-o > Make . them to < Hay-ko > come . And
    < Pros-koo-neh-o > worship < En-o-pee-on > before your < Pooce > feet , And to < Ghin-oce-ko > Know that I have < Ag-ap-ah -o > loved you .

    This is it I , ( Yashu'a Ha Mashiakh ) . Will give you the community of Ha Satan who say that surely they are of yehuwdah and they are not of Yehuwdah , But are liars . This is it . I will make them come and worship at your feet so that they will know that surely I love you .

    The first symbol that The Jebusites used was The Iverted Five -Pointed Star , Which symbolized his degeneration , Nimrod , The son of Kush and Semiramis gave the caucasian sons of Libana / Canaan This symbol . The present day Political System and the world Empire is Based on The Inverted Pentagram or Five -Pointed Star .

    The cabala or Hebraic Mystery wisdom , which was initated by a group of so-called Jewish Rabbis . Used The Five-Pointed Star as the figure of Micro-cosmos . It is also taught to be the expression of the creative will in human being . The '' Star Of David '' ( As they call it ) Was made by The Cabalist . It is The central Geometric design on protective amulets and talismans .

    In the latter part of the 17th century the Kabbalists named the '' Shield of David '' ( Magan David as The'' Shield Of TheSon Of David '' The Messiah .

    Madame P. Blavatsky's Mystic Brooch With Her Initials In A Hexagram ( Spirit And Matter Interlocked ) Topped By A Swastika ( The Ceaseless coming Into Beings Of Life ) Enclosed In A Snake Swallowing Its Own Tail ( Immortality ) . Surmounted By The Crown Of Perfection .

    This is also a symbol of Madame Helena P . Blavastsky's . The principal founder of the Theosophical Society . She was known as a WITCH . She along with two other women Maria Austich , Zigrum and the Thule society came together and selected Adolph Hitler to be their contactee in their pursuit to rule the world . They were all directly Involved with the head of the Freemason , General James Albert Pike , A 33 Master . He Was One Of The Most Controversial Religous leader in America . You find the so-called Jew Six-pointed star on the patterns on a page of Masorertic Text in Micrographic Writing . Germany , 1299 A.D. Paris Bibilitque Nationale , Heb . 5 , Vol.117

    Also You Will Find The Magen David used as the basic design for a Kabbalistic drawing , Italy , 17th Century , Vellun . 9/2 * 9/2 In . ( 24 *24 Cm . ) . Formerly Feinberg Collection Detroit Photo Manning Bros . Highland Park . Mich . And another Six Pointed Star Interlocking Star Carved On A Marble Slab Decoration For Episcopal Throne In The Cathedral Of Anag , Italy . The 12th / 13th Century From E . Hutton . The Cosmeti , London 1950 A.D.

    And another Magen David On A Stone Boundary Found In Vienna 1656 A.D. Vienna Staedtischen Museum . .. In 1822 A.D. The Rothschilds Family Used The Magen David On Their Coat Of Arms When They Were Raised To Nobility . The First Zionist Movement In 1897 A.D. Used The Magen David As Its Symbol . Prior To This Date The Menorah Or Candelabrum Was Used On All Jews In Synagogues . The First Issue Of Theodore Herzl's Zionists . Journal , Entitled '' Die Welt '' Board The Magen David As Its Emblem .

    The Magen David took on the meaning '' Uniting , Suffering And Hope '' When The Nazis placed it on The Miilions of So-Called German Jews ( Jebusites Curse Seed Of Canaan ) , Who were massacred while The State Of Israel used The Menorah , The Magen David Was Maintained as The National ( Formerly Zionist Flag For The So-called Jews ( Jebusites ) . What You Must OverStand Is That The State Called '' Israel Is Made Up Of Germans Who Are Professing To Be Jews ..

    If you look at Israel you'll see A variety of Different Types of people with many Different Hues And Colors . There are those who look like Arabs because they have Ancestors who have been there for hundreds of years . ( They have a Yellowish Tone ) . And Sine 1947 A.D. There Is New WARMONGER ( They Have The Pale Tone ) .

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    1. Matthew 6
    26 Behold the fowls [birds]of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
    27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
    28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
    29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
    Catholic Bible states “Can any of you by worrying add a single moment to your life-span”-Matthew 6:27
    Now lets describe Thoth the inventor of Reason, Thought, Wisdom
    The Ibis is a bird that sleeps with its head folded beneath its wing and its body assumes the shape of a heart, which was regarded as the seat of the soul and true intelligence. The footstep of an ibis was said to be equal to one cubit, which was considered a sacred unit of measurement. Thoth was portrayed with an Ibis head and he represented divine articulation of speech and intelligence. Thoth was keeper of the sacred cubit. The Greeks called him hermes, The Romans Mercury, The Muslims in the Koran called him Iblis/Devil. Iblis&Ibis is just one letter missing. Likewise in Revelations 18:2 Birds were Devils. Thoth because of his wisdom/thoughts had the scared one cubit.Jesus linked these two items without a doubt was in reference to Thoth.

    By the spreading of Ibis feet, in their relationship to each other to her bill, it makes an equilateral triangle of two pyramids upright and downright; its pairs of opposites are needed to cause creation and its continuance of life like Matthew talked about.
    Jesus links Thoth by the Bird, thoughts adding Cubits and Solomon.
    Solomon is one of few linked with 666 the mark of the devil (2 chronicles 9:13)
    Thoth was called thrice great and Solomon names is 3 suns Sol, Om and On. For more details read my essay below.
    Notes: Mr. Bernal:
    In Black Athena Volume 1 p143 you mentioned that the Egyptian God of wisdom was mentioned in Job:38:36.
    what is your opinion of Job 12:12 "With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding". I think the God Thoth was implied in the quote.Why? Because it appears Jesus said a simular quote in Matthew 6: 27 "which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature". Thought was guardian of the sacared cubit and Jesus implies Solomon was on his mind in verse 29. I have a theory that solomon was a personfication of Thought. Jesus claims to be a contempoary with Solomon in Luke 11:31.
    Bernal never got back with me on this Letter.
    Who was Solomon ?
    By Andre Austin
    Many Egyptologist are rightly claiming the historical Solomon was an Egyptian King Amenhotep III. Why is this the case?
    They have the same proverbs
    Both reputed to be wise kings
    Similar taxation system
    Peaceful time in their office
    Both had harems and married foreign wives
    Both known for their temple building
    Both are linked to the Egyptian Thoth and Ptah
    Thoth and Solomon are magicians who help god create the world.Josephus says Solomon used incantations (magical words) to heal the sick see The Antiquities of the Jews Book 8.2:5
    Above all of these similarities scholars have avoided connecting Amenhotep and Solomon with the Egyptian God Thoth/Hermes. Amenhotep III admired Thoth so much that he named his first son after him. So what are the links between Solomon and Thoth.
    A. Thoth was the inventor of reason/wisdom and writing
    B. “King Solomon exceeded all the Kings of the earth for riches and for wisdom”-1 Kings 10:23.
    C. 2 Samuel 12:25 states Solomon also had the name of Jedidiah, meaning “By the word of the Lord”.
    D. Thoth was known as the measurer of souls words on the balance scale. In the hierogyphic writings Egyptian priest said: “May Thoth, lord of the words of God”-The Mummy By E.A. Wallis Budge p.174 Therefore Jedidiah/Thoth have a match. But there is more.
    E. The original name Solomon is basically three names for the sun.
    1 Sol
    All are names for Sun.
    F. According to the Egyptian book of the dead Thoth/Hermes was called “Thrice great”. Do we have a connection? Yes. Why? Masons regard Thoth as the author of their rituals. Thrice great related to 1, philosopher, priest, and King. The word Mason, means “Child of the sun”. Masons look to Thoth as the founder of their rituals because he was the first to set up a system of theology. The Egyptians along with the Christians symbolized truth/wisdom as the eye of the sun. All priest were called “sun priest”; and all kings/pharaohs were called Son/Suns of Ra. As we see On is in Son. Cicero in his book The Nature of the Gods appears to link sun/son together in one lump when he said: “Though Sol (the sun) is so called, you say, because he is solus, single; yet how many suns do theologist mention? There is one, the son of Jupiter (Amen)…”.David Icke, in his “Biggest secret”, says the term Son of God is equivalent to Son of the sun God.In the “Emerald Tablet” of hermes thrice great is defined as wisdom linked to the sun.
    G. Philo (b.20Bc) a prominent philosopher in Alexandria, Egypt said: “The Pythagoreans assume that the triad (3) among numbers and right-angled triangle among figures are the foundation of the Knowledge (gnosis/wisdom [co coming into being-genesis”. Philo related this to Gen 18:6 and Homer’s Iliad 15:189.Pythagoreans were students of Egyptian priest. So we see how Philo associates the number 3 with knowledge and generation with pyramids. Solomon claimed in one of his proverbs to have helped god create the world.
    H. The so-called Star of David is of Egyptian origin. David’s Egyptian name was Thoth/Twthmosis III. The pyramids were symbolic of the universe/world as sunrise (sun) and sunset (moon). The Catholics say their name means universal. But union/universe can only come into being by two opposites, male female, upright/downright pyramid. The Catholics worship Mary as a god. Hathor/Isis is the origin of Mary. Cat=Ra/sun and Hathor was the second half of the Catholic name. Hathor was the personification of the moon. Plutarch stated “They (Egyptians) also call the moon the mother of the world/universe, and they think that she has a nature both male and female, as she is receptive and made pregnant by the sun(male)”p105 then on p.135 Plutarch assigns Triangles/universe to Osiris/upright and Isis/upside down-these give birth to Horus/Jesus see Isis and Osiris. Now we must recall pyramids are also symbolic of sunrise/sunset/moon. So we meet a woman clothe with the sun/moon giving birth in revelations 12:1. The Catholic notes say this: “the woman adorned with the sun and moon and stars images taken from genesis 37:9-10 symbolizes gods people in the old and new testament. The Israel of old gave birth to the messiah and became the new Israel, the church {Peter/upside down pyramid its foundation) which suffers persecution by the dragon/crocodile. This corresponds to a widespread myth throughout the ancient world”. I’m glad the Catholics admit to this. Since the myth is older than their writings the true author is Egyptian priest. So I take it they admit the name Israel is a combination of Isis/moon and Ra/the sun just like their own name. The Cat was the sun because of its two-pyramid ears/popes crown. And their two pyramids are the sun/moon too. And that hat/mitre the pope wears with its two peeks looks just like two pyramids of sunrise and sunset. And that The Egyptian Peter, who has the keys of gold and silver, passing on to dead to living popes, is also symbolic of the sun and moon. But enough said about Catholics who are copycats of Egyptians.
    I. The founder of the Jehovah Witnesses was a Mason. Like I said before they have a special relationship with Solomon/Thoth.On the surface we see The Jehovah Witnesses naming two of their magazines “Watchtower and Awake”after Thoth attributes of “watchfulness, wakefulness and wisdom”. All connented to eyes/knowledge/light. These three W’s also makes Thoth “Thrice great” and can be tied in with the three suns of Solomon’s name too. As students of Thoth the JW’s follow his tradition of writing many books and focus on learning.
    J. I see Adam and Eve giving birth to mankind as the sun and moon too. Adam is Atum/ the sun and Eve is watered down from evening/sunset/moon.
    K. I’m not the first to tie links between Thoth and the proverbs of Solomon. Way back in 1899 E.A. Wallis Budge linked the two up in his book “Egyptian ideas of the Afterlife” see p.88
    L. In the Song of Songs 4:6-7

    "Until the day breathes cool and the shadows lengthen

    I will go to the mountain of Myrrh to the hills of incense"

    So Solomon offered incense until night time. Well so did the Egyptians.

    According to Plutarch: "Everyday they (Egyptians) make a triple offering of incense to the sun, an offering of resin at sunrise, of myrrh at midday, and cyphi at sunset"-Isis and Osiris

    Was Solomon Egyptian
    So be wise young grasshoppers and learn from the wise Philo who taught that many of the scriptures had hidden meanings to them. You just have to open your eyes and see the Light.
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    Yeah, the modern "Jews" are indeed lying about who they are and what that "star of David" truly is. However, they can indeed speak Hebrew, because the Israelites weren't the only Hebrews of the earth, but the most well known, as they're favored by the Father in Heaven.

    "Jew" can be synonymous with Israelite, but not all Israelites are Jews; only those who live in Judaea are so, such as the Benjamites, Judahites, and Levites.

    I think it's important to remember though, that while they're are many modern day Jews who'd do you wrong, and won't accept who they really are, there are those that do see, and aren't excluded from the faith of the Son and His redemption, and there are those who live with unwavering belief in His resurrection, that honor not only the son but the Father in truth, also. They are brothers and sisters in the faith, and are of His people as well as any other gentile of the earth.