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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris

This question is very relevant in that Obama is participating in America Politics, he being given to be a Black man, as if there has never been a Black Woman or Man to have indicated their aspiration or have ever ran to become America President, yet they were not given the enthusiasm as Obama is now being shown and now being given, concerning his candidacy, not that Black Folks did not become excited over those OTHER deeper Black people that ran for president, it is just that, Black folks Choice of their own, about their own Black candidate, did and does not matter, so with that fact, the rise of Obama to be a creditable Candidate for America President has been given the approval by White folks, those same White Folks who did not find it necessary to give to past Black candidates their approval and nor was it expedient for White Folks to give to those past Black candidates, serious consideration, IN ORDER for them to become America First Real Black candidate and this is not to take anything away from Obama, but from White folks, those with a habit of deceiving Black Folks.

So my question is a valid question, even though many Afrikan Americans do not want such a question to be raised, many will say that this is a question that can cause what already is in America, which is Divisiveness, and we Black Afrikan Americans do not want anything to interfere with our fantasy over Obama, because they now say, the Afrikan Americans I speak of, that this is a New Day and Time, and we do not want anything to happen that will interfere with this America Time, a Time that does not favor Black People in America because it is the people who are in need of taking advantage of this present period Motion, that can Truly determine the value of this period of cyclical motion, which we refer to as Time.

So my question stand, Dose Obama Represent A False Positive to Black people in America and in the World, without him being aware of what his candidacy really indicate and represent, at no fault completely of his own ?

The Afrikan American is so revved up over Obama, in hope he can validate all of our Enslavement to not have been in vain, all of our Marching, Water Hose Beatings, Dog Biting, Slave escaping to Sectional place of privilege in America, Afrikan American assassinations, the Fire rebellion of the Sixties, all of our begging to be accepted by White folks, and everything else we Afrikan Americans have had to pretend about and endure in America.

Does Obama represent the culmination of all of that which Afrikan American sacrificing and suffering Afrikan Americans have endured in America, and now at this Motion in our present America state of condition, should the Afrikan American say that Obama represent a True Positive for Change, not for all Afrikan Americans but for the Middle Class Afrikan Americans, if such a change is to happen in America, as Obama promise to deliver for all Americans and is to be taken to be a True Positive he is promising that will come to America, or will Obama Election to become America President, come to be a False Positive for the Children Of The Middle Passage, Black people who have acquired their Americanization in these United States ?

Is it not a fact that there is never no respect given to the Lower Class in a Capitalist system, is it not a fact that this election is talking about those that Have, as oppose to those that do not Have, and maybe in passing, the Have Not will be referenced, but not with the zeal that identify with interest, the Middle and upper class in America, because all of those that are running for President know, in order to have a thriving Capitalist System of an Economy, there must be a stratum where there is occupied, the Lower and Lower-Lower Class, and with that fact, I ask, will Obama represent a false Positive to the so call Black Afrikan American, absent of class ?

I am a supporter of Barack Obama, but I do so without any illusion about what an Obama Presidency will mean in term of Change for the so call Black Afrikan American and maybe, just maybe, if Obama is elected President, such an election will serve as a wake up call to Black People in America, after we See that the change Obama was talking about was not for the Lower classes of Black so call Afrikan Americans and maybe such a reality will give reason to Black so call Afrikan Americans to rise up and Demand Black justice that will take us away from America, which is to come in the form of Reparation, which will give the Children Of The Middle Passage a reason to Return Home to Afrika, will Obama understand what drive Black folks in America, we who has never to have had a choice to be or not to be here in America ?.

For most Afrikan Americans, Fantasy and Illusions about our stay in America and our present condition in America, is enough for them, just the excitement and the prospect of being able to pretend that if Obama is elected, we can say that America has a Black Afrikan Americans President, one who did not get here by way of the Middle Passage and many of you will say, it really does not matter how we got here, and I beg to differ, because there is a deeper meaning to your Afrikan American Presence than your physical presence, there is a more profound Spiritual significance for the children Of The Middle Passage being in America and that Spirituality determine how you act and behave in different and various situations that have and does occur in America, having an affect upon those children of the Middle Passage, a Group that have been conditioned to play down in term of importance, what has happen to the Black so call Afrikan Americans and that fact alone is enough to raise the question, Does Obama Represent A false Positive, To Black People .

Obama represent a false positive to the lower and Lower-Lower Class in America and the people in America that are founded in that Social Stratum in America, is none other than Black People, a people without a Hue, they being once Divine Beings.

An Obama false Positive will serve to be just as egregious as America Racism is to Black people in America, but to Afrikan Americans, an Obama False Positive, is more acceptable to us than a True Negative, because Black Americans love living in America, where a Life of Fantasy and illusion, is an acceptable way of Life for Black Afrikan Americans.

May The gods Our Ancient First Way Ancestors, our Mothers and Fathers, Give Their Final Appreciable approval To An Obama America Presidency, Then Maybe Divine Truth And Reality, Will Come To Visit The House Of The Black Afrikan World !!!

The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The divine Truth, In Exchange For an Illusion.

Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of You


Chief Elder


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