Black Relationships : Does It Really Show When You're In Love - What do yall think?

Does it really show when you're in love?
Can the person you're in love with just tell
or do the words have to be said?



Well, personally, I think it depends on the person and how well they are at hiding their feelings.

Some can't help it, and others want it to be known, so it shows. However, some can help it and don't always want it to be obvious. The words are stated to back up the fact, but love should be shown in action, for the most part.

I'm pretty skilled at acting indifferent when I don't want a guy to know I like him, just yet. Love is harder, but I believe can still be hidden. :peeking:
Imo, you can tell when someone is in love. There's a countenance that covers them they don't control. They are at peace, uninhibited, happy, etc. I've never seen one in love and not show it.

Usually, they'll get the giggles when speaking of their lover. special and precious!!
Oh yes Misty, people can tell when I'm in love. I seem to glow (that's what they say)...
I feel full of life and energy, everything is right and/or can be fixed somehow. It's
raining or snowing...even storming outside, but its still a beautiful day.
I pay forward the smiles and hugs (where allowed) and go out of my way to help
those I can.

Love, is a many splendor thing and I wallow in it 24/7!!

And... I think that if you're in love....the giggles, smiles for no
reason will call you out... you can't hide it!


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