Black Relationships : Does It Really Show When You're In Love - What do yall think?

misty. i definte-ly think that it shows when you're in love. it may be more obvious to the people who really know you... but... i think there's a difference in the way you treat everyday/ordinary events & things that 'causes even strangers to notice that you've got somethin' "special" goin' on. & the object of your affections is sure to notice as well. i think you can tell that someone loves you (&vice versa)... far more by the way that they treat you than you ever could by them just saying the words. it's sorta like the old cliche'... "actions speak louder"... feel me?

anyway... thank you for allowing me to put my 6cents in! :D

many times we see it coming before it hit us
but when one say (i care about u )
and show fear is a step of life one must take
to really care
in a relationship of two and he/she speaks of caring but !
means they have feelings but not love
like keme said as he hit great point dis what it's all about
and coming into it's own
life is a chance so why can't love without fear
if one say i care about u they can really mean it
yet true love is not their yet
when that time come u will know & feel the true love
and how one truely care about the mates beings
it's life sweetie
actions defintily speak louder than words... i'd rather my man show me instead of telling me because anyone could say it. he has to prove it by his actions.... my man and i have been together for only two months but the feelings are definitly there... and we know how much power those three little words have.... we aren't ready to say it yet....


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