Black Relationships : Does It Really Show When You're In Love - What do yall think?

well now here's da facts
one whom so in love to be loved can see da true love
it's just we love to hear it ..... so yes they can feel da love
without words
but it take a true love to feel dis kinda love

da flyte master has spoken !!))))))>>>$R
As Love's Favorite Son I would like to offer that true lovers have a way of knowing the hearts and minds of their respective love. You already know my answer...Yes he knows...It shows in your eyes, body movements and conversation. Furthermore the way the brother looks at you should let you know that the feeling is most def mutual. The concern he has for you and your well well as his endearing kindness and affection that he has openly showed to you.....My advice to the both of you is you that you've been dancing long enough. It's time to stand still and take in the music of your hearts...


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