Black People Politics : does everyone here believe in the illuminati?

Precise Allah

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Jun 16, 2009
Atlanta Georgia

You don't have to believe, just do the research by their other names.

The Trilateral Commission

The Council on Foreign Relations

The World Health Organization

The Bilderberg Group

There are others however that should get you on your way.

and lastly I get out of bed in the morning because I'm God. They can only do to me what I allow. If they get over on me it's my own fault.



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Apr 7, 2013
Not since Ben Franklin. I only believe in 2016 conspiracy theories. Not a present day illuminati.


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Aug 1, 2019
Illuminate (illumination)= Light aka Matthew 6:22 aka Osiris' eye aka The All Seeing Eye aka The Third Eye which everyone has. = Metaphysics, Yoga, Chakra system. Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. MAN KNOW THYSELF. All human's purpose is to become godlike in thought, spirit and actuality. Disciplines and Spiritual practices were recorded to achieve the goal. All Religion were introduced to enforce morality and rules towards the goal. Some have changed the translation of texts and reworded or revised text to ensure there is confusion or delay towards the goal of becoming godlike divinely connected to the divine creator we know as God. All prophets and messiahs or messengers were initiated into the divine godlike state of being. This is why Jesus was able to perform miracles. Kabbalah cites biblical scriptures to decode metaphysical meaning. A Metaphysical Bible Dictionary also decodes metaphysics behind the Bible. It's not just a story or testaments, but a guidebook. Unfortunately pastors withheld some teachings to hold themselves exalted instead of the entire congregation getting the most benefit of the Bible and the spiritual practices. (This is why most pastors became rich off of tiding but didn't use the money to do the work of God by healing the planet and repairing communities that were poverty stricken. Acquiring Wealth, Deuteronomy 8:18)

There are 2 types of illuminati. One is real, the other is a representation of a cult following which sole purpose is to manipulate and control through cognitive dissonance and fear. The cult Illuminati is a cult which uses propaganda and conspiracy to keep people from evolving into their higher supernatural selves. The pyramid on the back of the dollar bill is a reference to both Kabbalah symbolism and All Seeing Eye of Egypt symbolism. The pyramids are from North Africa aka Kemet aka Egypt and have nothing to do with United States. ("Stolen Legacy" by George G.M James). The cult following of the illuminati suggests membership with the false promises of higher perks and celebrity elevation. The truth is, this cult is just a cult which contains a powerful leader using Oligarchical Collectivism to fool his members into accepting his principles of cult. (example: androgynous dressing of men, the hand symbolism, alleged sacrifices, controlled events hinting conspiracy etc.)
The actual Illuminati deals with initates who've obtained higher power in spirituality, and this points back to illumination of the Third Eye in which the individual has supreme understanding of all knowledge, all seeing and all understanding. This is what illuminate truly means and every nation has a spiritual system which aids in reaching this enlightenment. This is not secret, but obscured from society to contain proper order and obedience. Individuals a part of this "illuminati" were thought to have been special but all of the knowledge needed to reach this goal has been publicly available since Africa gave birth to humanity. The Black Man, Woman and Child are conveyor belts to this knowledge. This is why Native Africans and African Americans will never receive reparations in the United States. This truth will go over a lot of people heads but every powerful person has known this and no longer tried to suppress this knowledge since everyone is so distracted with "racism".

There is an Illuminati in the United States but just remember that the U.S. is practicing a cult following to keep people distracted, disarmed and enslaved. This is why those Bilderbergs and Rockefeller families are mentioned by conspiracy theorists.

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