Black People : Does Barry Bonds (708) deserve an asterisk?

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    Apologizing in advance, but those that know my posts, know I love controversial topics…I’m not much of a baseball fan. Actually have not watched a game in close to a decade (with the exception of the Yankees and Derek Jeter, sorry, from my home town).

    Hank Aaron currently owns the all-time home run record (755), most deserved…

    Babe Ruth is second (714), known drunkard and womanizer, 60 in a single season 1927 (but then again you nor I were allowed to compete)…never did face an Afro-American, Latino, Asian pitcher nor any other competent opponent (oops sorry, played against a bunch of white guys like him in his time).

    Josh Gibson in the old Negro League hit 69 in 1934 -- and recorded astoundingly high batting averages. In 137 games with the Crawfords in 1933 he batted .467 with 55 home runs.

    Hall of Fame…Ty Cobb…known racist, miscreant, once invaded the stands and beat a white man with no arms into critical condition…In spring training in 1907, Cobb, considered a racist by many, fought a black groundskeeper over the condition of the Tigers' spring training field in Augusta, Ga., and ended up choking the man's wife when she intervened.

    Boston Red Sox…last professional baseball team to accept integration in 1968…could go on and on…

    Somehow the Hall of Fame of Baseball and Professional Baseball has room for them without asterisks…am I missing something or shouldn't baseball have an asterisk for pre-1968?