Black Astrology : Does Anyone know What Draconic Astrology is?

Hello, I'm a new member of this website and is very interested in stuff like astrology. I'm kinda advance in astrology. Here's my planets
Sun in Aquarius
Moon in Pisces
Mercury in Pisces
Venus in Pisces
Mars in Scorpio

This is only the basics. But see this is where astrology gets confusing because there are so many ways to interpret the stars. This list of signs is actually from a Tropical/Western interpretation of my birth. But know I just learn that is a another interpretation of astrology (besides Eastern or Sidereal) called Draconic astrology. I heard that it originated from the Babylonians. So does anybody know what Draconic astrology is? It be helpful if someone would research on it. Here is my planets on Draconic Astrology.

Sun in Libra
Moon in Libra
Mercury in Libra
Venus in Scorpio
Mars in Gemini

This is really different from my Tropical/Western Placements.
I think this has something to do with your philosophical side. It doesn't has anything to do your characteristics/personality...
This is incorrect info:
The Draconic chart is derived from zero degrees ARIES point shifting your natal south and north node to your ascendent/descendant axis. The Draconic chart is actually, in theory, our true self, our soul or consciousness. After many lifetimes of incarnation on earth and other planets, this is the culmination of who you are, not who you are becoming.

Your natal chart is your psychological response to life on earth in the now and the challenges, gifts, experiences are organic but you are not your natal chart. You typically use sidereal, tropical and the draconic chart for an accurate read.


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