Black Relationships : DOES AGE MATTER??


all the women my own age are dead.....

LOL thanks for giving me the gift of laughter today!:)

My son(20) was involved with a woman who kept complaining about him wanting to go to the club, play Basketball with his boys and play station, not wanting to have long talks or cuddle watching TV on weekends and on and on.

I told her he is doing what he should be doing at that age. You had the freedom to experience your youth. Why do you want to rob him of that freedom?

I believe the conflict comes when the older expects the younger to fast-forward and forfeit the experiences and joys of youth or the younger expects the older to back-track and revisit some experiences they’d rather not.

An important adhesive in any relationship is an ability to ‘relate’ and an age gap can put a cap on that. Those are some matters(to me)that make age matter.

Of course I’m sure based on mature minds and willingness to compromise any relationship can work.


I wanted to start this thread inspired by an article someone posted in the entertainment forum about a couple where the woman was about 20 years or more (give or take a year) older than her partner.

It seems that when the women is older than the man, we tend to kick up stink but is the same stink kicked up when it is the other way around?

Also, when a person is an adult, why do we make it our business to criticise or condemn other's for who they choose to be with in terms of age. Does age really matter and why?

Peace, love, light...

It doesn't matter to me if someone ELSE wants to date older or younger...But in my case I won't date anyone older than 35 and I won't date anyone 5 years younger than me (but the chances of me dating younger is slim).

IMO, the older or younger they are the less I have in common with them.


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