Black People : Do you wear your seat belt or make your passengers wear seat belts?


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Nov 15, 2009
Yes always. And anyone ridding with me must wear one. And if I am ridding with someone, if they won't wear one, I won't ride with them. Seat belts save lives. Same with car seats/booster seats and children. My husband and I where in an accident this past Saturday. We are sore, but escaped serious injury or possibly worse because we were buckled up. There is nothing we could have done to avoid the collision. The driver was trying to make a turn across three lanes of traffic, and because of an SUV beside us he did not see us or the car in the lane on our other side when he went for it and just like that, bam! we nailed him. The front of my husband's truck right into the side of his car. I am so thankful he had no passenger. So yeah, buckle up. Don't be stupid.


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Mar 10, 2011
I do wear my seatbelts. This is a very universal law and necessary imo. The heartache of hurting some riding in your car is one that can be alleviated.

So, buckle up everyone...we got a birthday coming soon and I hope its a celebration that all of us will be here for.

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Nov 17, 2006
I have been hearing of far too many dying from not having there seat belts on, and it is alarming. When my big brother, father and godmother get in my car I have to make them put their seat belts on. I am beginning to wonder if this is a common occurrence. Do you where a seat belt, and do you make your passengers where them? If you do or don't where did you learn your habit from?

The car I drive is so old it doesn't have seat belts, no, J/K, making a jokie-joke, yes rapunzal24, I do and like nearly all other posters, I insist my riders do to.

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