Black People : Do You Walk With Your Head Up or Down

Jan 22, 2001
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Peace and Blessings Family,

I've noticed that when i walk, i probably look down more often than up.

I think i'm looking down, so i can make sure i don't trip and fall ... :look:

But could this be something else ... :eeek:

Have you ever thought about it for your own self?

What do you do ... ??

When you walk, are your eyes cast up or down, most often?

I even tried to walk with my eyes looking straightforward, most of the time, but can hardly keep from looking down ... to see where my next step is gonna be.

Anywho ... just some of the krazee stuff my mind's been think'n lately ... :)

Please share.

Much Love and Peace.


when my family first moved to the 'homeland' (Transkei) within SA, we lived in a very rural area. there was a local hospital where people travelled hours to receive medical attention - but the village consisted of a dirt road and a smattering of huts along it. a corner shop (hut) at the end to buy the basics.. bread, milk, sugar...

I recall - like yesterday - this hunk of a man/boy (I was 12) who used to eyeball me as I made my trip to the shop. One day he spoke to me! *heart a-flutter!*. he told me he really liked me. He said I wasnt anything like my sister.. he said when I walked down the street I kept my head low, humbled, while she walked too proud/arrogant.

Well, there went my *crush* out the window! :lol:

Granted, I was a child, but the lesson remained. Unless I am dodging puddles or potholes. I look where I am going.


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