Black Relationships : Do You Prefer African or European Features in Your Woman?

Do You Prefer African or European Features in Your Woman?

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Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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spicybrown said:
@ Destee or whomever:
For the "other" option on the poll, are you referring to the other race's features, or the mixture of African and European features blended?
MississippiRed said:
D I think you need another option on your poll for those of us who just love women period regardless of any classification.

Sister Spicy and Brother Mississippi ... any and every OTHER single possible choice that could be made, can qualify for OTHER. It can be a combination of the two, or some combination of others, totally excluding those two, or it can be all women under the sun! ... smh @ Brother 'Sip ... :)

So yes to both your concerns ... they both (all) fit under OTHER.

How 'bout that ... :wink:


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