Black People : Do you have this to?there is sumthing in the air but stay close to God He protects..

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Auroraflower, Jan 16, 2006.

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    it started .....(this feeling i have)

    after 12 o clock on new years day...
    not long after it i suddenly started to feel this heavy stone pressing on my chest..the days after it.....
    i try to draw more and play my guitar for distaction ..
    and sing to put it out..
    but i dont know its still there..

    and actualy ,i just talked with my neighbour about it...

    it doesnt have to be nesesarry have to do with the fact the time off the year...and it also not only about ...people who have lost some one..

    it is just a feeling....

    in november i dreamed ...
    this stange dream ....
    that i was at a place i am not shure it was holland but it feld like it...
    it was aplace where usaly water does not come...

    but it came....

    and i had to swim out of a window...

    it feld it was my own window...

    and later i was walking in to the streets..

    in my payama,s ...
    and life was just going on ..
    and i was looking and alone..
    for family...surviviors..

    it was not a nice dream..

    the thing is .....
    here from where i live there are more people a lot,..
    who also feel this my work other places...

    well hold on to god and love and light....
    though its not always easy be strong...
    i try to stay positive and cheer other up..
    but its not always easy ....
    if there is this feeling underneath..

    my neighbour just offered me to go and
    watch kermit,s swomp years....(i think i do that)
    to get some distraction..
    and not go to deep cause he feels the vibes to..
    plus a lot of others...

    so i am wondering......

    do you think i am catching up vibes.......?do you feel it to..?
    or has it to do with myself that i am to sensetive with catching up vibes..
    cause i was doing ok before ..
    you know i am happy with the lord and stuff...(i have my sad days ..usaly when sumthing happens or when i mis the company of love)

    just a question..

    i mean i am alright ...
    i,m know..

    just wondering...

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    Are you talking about the bird-flu?
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    The Meek !Shall! Inherit the Earth.
    StreetNationEarth: Seattle
    no, darlin; what you think you are feeling is something that you, and most of this planet's "sensitives", ("sensitive to life" - this "society"/"civilisation" is completely built on, not only denying, but abnegating, degrading and destroying life because they don't know it), are truly feeling. i've been feeling like there is no future ever since the century turned. "armegeddon" is in full effect; this mess is changing.

    (oh; replied from the front page and didn't see the full title.

    i hate to start this, but if anything is "gonne get better", we have to "take our medicine".

    i do know how much strength, peace, sanctuary, joy and love there is to be found in the midst of a congregation that has opened the house to the Spirit. but i have learned that all that which is found in church, and in the Spirit that everyone struggles to continue outside of church, is only the barest beginning of the strength, peace, sanctuary, joy and love that is the Spirituality of Existence.

    God can, and does, "protect" ... as long as one stays inside the box that is this "civilisation". but it is a good beginning. and it does work. ... such as it is ... [replies to this bit belong in the Spirituality/Religion forum; not in this thread!])