Black People Politics : Do Y'all Really Believe Hillary Would Have Been Better for Black America than Trump...


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May 19, 2017
Fireman I don't lie or deflect, accuse others and rationalize when I don't have the answers. For instance when I said "Socialism is not sustainable", you said in the same breath, "Why do you wish to lie like that?" Then you said, "It is not sustainable because we as a people don't want to make it sustainable." I think neither one of those is correct.
Yes, one is correct. If we want to make socialism work, we can. It is just that we don't because of our greed and selfishness.

It was mentioned other European Socialists countries doing well. Scandinavia Has 60% taxes and a 25% sales tax. Middle Class and poor pay this. Over taxing businesses stifle prosperity. Then along comes hunger while the ruling class eats better than well.
Those European countries are not complaining. They have a better health care system than we do. No one is going to die because they can't afford to pay for the cost. No one is going to tell them who is not a doctor that they can't have this certain test done because they can do without it (insurance agent knows more than the doctor) or that the insurance company won't pay for it because it is too expensive. Schools are more attainable and they are better educated as a public. You don't have the rich getting a far better education than the poor as it is here in America. They don't have a crime problem or even a drug problem like we do here in America. You have a viable middle class in those countries. It is not shrinking as it is here in America. The poverty level is much lower there. And they are not starving.

No, they are not privy to the latest styles, fashions, and etc. that a capitalist economy provides and the fancy cars, houses, and etc. But over all they are doing better as a whole than us. The whole is more important than the few. Here the few are more important than the whole.

As stated before and don't forget this, I am not a totally socialist. I believe in a capitalism economy. But capitalism must be made to be responsible to the public. It cannot go unchecked. They cannot have everything their way. They must make some sacrifices and be willing to give up some of their wealth for the betterment of the whole.

Businesses need to pay their fair share in taxes. Taxing businesses more won't hurt them. Those CEO just don't want to give up their greedy life styles. They have been getting richer and the middle class and poor poorer. They need to bite the bullet for the betterment of this country. But no. They put their money and greed ahead of the American people. And you go along with it.

Reagan gave them a tax break in the 80s (and then he had to raise taxes on the middle class later) and what did they do. They didn't reinvest it in America. They said why should we just be satisfied with being mutimillionaires when we can now become billionaires and multibillionaires. So they took their companies overseas for cheaper labor and hardy no if any taxes to pay and became billionaires while Americans became paupers. They didn't reinvest in America or plan for the future in how to restructure their companies to provide jobs for Americans. They didn't care about America. They cared only about their profits and themselves. And you went along with it.

Now we have that fool Trump in the WH who only cares about himself and his money. He has lied and continues to lie to his followers such as you that he is going to take care of you and his followers. And because of his stupid trade war with China, farmers are now going to get a welfare check because they can't sell their crops. Without that social welfare check they would go broke. Despite that some are still hurting. And you go along with it.

Everybody in the world knows than fossil fuels are on the decline except Trump followers and you. China is already leading the world in developing new sources of energy for the future. This is where the new jobs for this century will be.

Oh, there is a company now selling prime beach front property in New Mexico real cheap. You can get an acre for about $3 thousand. I know you can afford at least 5 acres. And this is a special deal just only for Trump and his followers. And just think of the price it will be 5 to 10 years from now. Are you ready to buy? :)


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May 19, 2017
they were when i was there.......
It is not to the degree as it is here in the U.S. Their culture is different and it goes backs many centuries. They don't have the multinational companies as we have in America. They aren't the financial capital of the world. We are. And I am including China in this as well which is second now to America. They don't have the billionaires and like we have. So with more wealth comes more expensive homes, cars, yachts, and etc. And because of their culture, they are able to spread of share their wealth more than here in the U.S. That is why their economy which is capitalistic, more free market than the U. S., can thrive along with their socialist form of governments.

American was founded on individualism. Go out there and make it for yourself. The opportunity is there. It was all about self. And when it is all about self it became all greed and selfishness. There is no need or even a concerned about others. In fact, we exploit others to make us rich and richer. And we will sell you health insurance to make us rich first and your health comes second. This is what our culture is rooted in unlike those of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and etc. However, the culture can only change when the people change. When the people change, then the culture will change.


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Feb 9, 2001
Wait, what? As a US Secretary of State, Hillary was responsible to send out our pilots standing by their fighter planes waiting for the green light from her. Having received many messages in cries for help while they were being attacked at Behghazi Embassy our pilots couldn't stand it any longer, because those messages were graphic on who of our people were being killed. Finally our fighters scrambled their planes without ol' Hillary's Go ahead, not caring about the personal consequence they would face for that.

Our Embassy people knew they were being slaughtered and so did our pilots waiting for the " US Secretary of State" to send them out to the rescue. It would have only taken minutes for our planes to get there, they were that close. But Hillary didn't want to step up because she thought that would create an incident that might make Middle East people upset. Better to lose a few American lives.

U.S. Secretary of State's job is to "Ensure the protection of the U.S. Government and it's American citizens and property in foreign countries" like our Benghazi Embassy. Hillary did neither. That is her track record.
And Pompeo is better?


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Jun 14, 2018
The thing that America needs to realize is, that trump & company is what America is. That he is the perfect face in the mirror for what America is and always has been with all of it's preening self-serving glory. With dollars counting more than any peoples anywhere and that includes even the air, the water, or the land we all eat from. Trump is the face in the mirror for America that is the racist, bigoted, xenophobic, misogynist and murderous nation that 'wants all and wants it now' by any means necessary and always has been since it's birth.

D. Trump is nothing new in America, in fact he is All-American through and through.
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