Black People Politics : Do Y'all Really Believe Hillary Would Have Been Better for Black America than Trump...


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Jun 18, 2004
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Staying in the game is one thing. Playing the same strategy, which doesn't benefit at all, is another. That's called insanity.

Being projected to have a median wealth of zero by 2053 says something has to change now.

I just don't see how same ol', same ol' voting for the lesser of two evils is helpful?

That's all I'm sayin', really. Some seem to think we're standing still, running in place, but we aren't. We're falling, and the ground's coming up quick. Doing the same stuff is not just futile but, seemingly altogether harmful.
as soon as you come up with a better strategy i will be all about it.....


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Feb 26, 2013
What I'm about to say is generally speaking so I beg your apologies in advance beautiful Queen if I should go out of bounds
Nah, you good. Never outta bounds. lol

I think what may be "confusing" you about the obvious contradictions of that poster is your willingness to extend the benefits of understanding and patience
I'm the last person to deny someone understanding and/or patience. You, yourself, know how hot blooded I can be. We've gone back and forth, and you know I require a lot of patience. :lol:

vids by 2 people who are hustling the community about the possibility of black people getting reparations.
Yeah, I thought I was the only one suspect of their intentions. Idk, it's not so much the reparations "hope" they're giving, but it feels like they're building the movement to enhance their own voice. Like they tryna get theirs and leave everyone else behind or sunthin'. Mostly a feeling of mine.

He believes in the fantasy, right?
I give him a little more credit. He believes in doing something to get something else done. Whether it has a chance of actually getting done... well, I'm not tryna judge; just want to understand.

This election gone be different this time, they say. For real, for real.
Trump's prolly gonna win again, in all honesty. If Biden wins, I would def be surprised.

But vote anyway because black people died for your right to do so.
Yeah, it feels eerie when people in our own community say it. Like, they're desperate to keep you on the plantation. They didn't die for us to be in this state. To say so is an insult to what they were truly trying to achieve.

I will be telling you an untruth if I say I didn't get it---people holding on to the fantasy.
People need something to hold onto. Even if it seems out of reach and contrary to all reason and logic and history.

what is left for us to do?
Yeah, I think most people know, but most people are also scared.

but when we hide---we, as black men especially, we can justify why we can't protect the Village
Black women have been apart of that push of believing in changing a system that was built perfectly for the oppressor, and not the oppressed.


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Feb 9, 2001
I'm wondering whether a different approach to politics or the political system in America would work using money as a bargaining tool. Maybe our future needs to be snatched instead of negotiated. Collective African American net income (spending power) now exceeds $1 trillion dollars annually. Since we are going to spend our money anyway, why not spend some of it improving circumstances for Black people?

I know there are some people who want to get money out of politics, but if that seems to be successful for some people to get what they want, then, instead of fighting to stop it, we should jump on the bandwagon and form a political action group that builds a deep and broad financial base that pushes a Black agenda. It can organize boycotts at companies that work against us and you know what that would do for places like Walmart and Target. Why can't we become like the NRA? Instead of just marching and protesting, we could shut businesses down, maybe even the government and Wallstreet.

This may be over simplifying things and seem to be an impossible solution, but if other groups can do it why can't we?

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