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Jan 7, 2015

I see there is a lot of reference to Gandhi here, but before proceeding in this direction I ask that we keep in mind the hidden and almost unspoken history of the man called Gandhi and to take a critical look at the idea he called "non-violence".
While living in South Africa for some 21 years 1893-1914, Gandhi joined the military and ACTIVELY participated in war against the blacks. He was a known subscriber to racist and prejudiced ideals.

Below are just a few quotes from Gandhi regarding the Africans, whom he called Kaffirs, while he was in the land of the Black Man, Africa.

(this is what Gandhi wrote to the medical officer of health of Johannesburg in 1905)
"Of course, under my suggestion, the Town Council must withdraw the Kaffirs from the Location. About this mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians I must confess I feel most strongly. I think it is very unfair to the Indian population, and it is an undue tax on even the proverbial patience of my countrymen."

(a Bill was published regulating the use of fire-arms by the natives and Asiatics and these were Gandhi's thoughts on it)
"In this instance of the fire-arms, the Asiatic has been most improperly bracketed with the natives. The British Indian does not need any such restrictions as are imposed by the Bill on the natives regarding the carrying of fire-arms. The prominent race can remain so by preventing the native from arming himself. Is there a slightest vestige of justification for so preventing the British Indian?"

"Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness."
(the Kaffir he speaks of here is the racist slur for the black African)

"It is one thing to register natives who would not work, and whom it is very difficult to find out if they absent themselves, but it is another thing -and most insulting -to expect decent, hard-working, and respectable Indians, whose only fault is that they work too much, to have themselves registered and carry with them registration badges."

"Clause 200 makes provision for registration of persons belonging to uncivilized races (meaning the local Africans), resident and employed within the Borough. One can understand the necessity of registration of Kaffirs who will not work, but why should registration be required for indentured Indians who have become free, and for their descendants about whom the general complaint is that they work too much?"

"...Now let us turn our attention to another and entirely unrepresented community-the Indian. He is in striking contrast with the native. While the native has been of little benefit to the State, it owes its prosperity largely to the Indians. While native loafers abound on every side, that species of humanity is almost unknown among Indians here."
(The natives he speaks of here are the Africans and he is in Africa while speaking these words)

He launched his Indian Opinion on June 4 1904: "The object of Indian Opinion was to bring the European and the Indian subjects of the King Edward closer together."

Gandhi has never ever stood to fight against oppression on the Black African, but rather he supported it, so why in the right minds of Black Africans do some of us stand up and wave his banner high.... I do not know.

here are just 2 very good books to get a better picture of Gandhi and his pursuit to create a strong Euro-Indian relationship and how the Black African was a "common enemy of colonial progress" to the both.
Grenier, Richard. The Gandhi Nobody Knows
Huq, Fazlul. Gandhi: Saint or Sinner?


Jan 7, 2015
"the Ausarian approach to resolving family conflicts --- Embrace the God within your enemy until your enemy becomes your friend"

i'm butting heads with somebody over at afrochat who claims to be at the level of ausar and who tells me that we should embrace white people.
she says that is what the metu neter says to do.

i have a problem with that.

is there no room for warriors in khemetic society?
to respond to this I will quote Stokely Carmichael...

"Dr. King’s policy was that nonviolence would achieve the gains for black people in the United States. His major assumption was that if you are nonviolent, if you suffer, your opponent will see your suffering and will be moved to change his heart. That’s very good.... but he only made one fallacious assumption..... for, in order for non-violence to work, your opponent MUST have a conscience..."
-Stokely Carmichael


Jan 7, 2015
if a white man breaks into your house at 3 in the morning do you embrace him or shoot him?

"Colonialism is not a thinking machine,
Nor a body endowed with reasoning faculties,
It is VIOLENCE in it's natural state
and it will only yield when confronted with greater violence"
-Franz Fanon


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Jan 13, 2017
"the Ausarian approach to resolving family conflicts --- Embrace the God within your enemy until your enemy becomes your friend"

i'm butting heads with somebody over at afrochat who claims to be at the level of ausar and who tells me that we should embrace white people.
she says that is what the metu neter says to do."
I am surprise this discussion got so far.
The Egyptians never applied this system to people who:
A) Did not believe in it or something similar
B) Were enemies of KMT nation or who declared war on Kmtic peoples

This rule applies to Kmtians dealing with other Kmtians and other Africans who believe in a similar system throughout the continent and beyond. For instance, the Ma'at approach works if you have a person who believes in Ubuntu and an Ausarian. Embracing your enemy might work with people coming from a society like most of the southern African kingdoms where war for the most part did not even involve people dying until Shaka Zulu had to employ it to repel Europeans. The Ausarian approach would work even between africans and aborignes, maoris or papuans and fijians. It won't work with ice peoples who want to genocide your nation and your race.

I will add, most KMT Pharaohs were trained heavily in religion. But they don't seem to be "embracing their enemies a whole lot to me" when I looked in the temple walls.

If you notice, in the above pictures, the KMTians pharaoahs with all the training in religion, you know the 40 year educatinal system, are pumping the asiatics of light skin color full of arrows, chopping their heads off with huge swords, smashing their heads in with big scepters, stripping them naked, dragging them all over the place, trampling them with their horses an then dumping their dead bodies into the river.

Do these pictures look like they are loving their enemies to you?

And even if this lady your talking to was right, should we really follow a part of a system that got a 4500 year old African kingdom usurped and taken over by a series of foreign rulers, who would enslave them, rape, them run them out their own land, and bring in wave of non-black immigrants to replace them and where original people have been genocided down from 100% of the population or 99.9% in the 2000 bc period to 10% in the 2000 ad period?

What I find funny about all this, is the bible says to love your neighbour, the golden rule, the quran says to treat people justly and the golden rule, the hindu holy scriptures have a similar golden rule, and so do the buddhist.

And you know what is really funny about this:
-white southern christians in "the bible belt" are racist as hell and hate black people for centuries,
-arabic muslims are also traditionally racist and enslaved blacks longer than white christians did and had a very long and racist slave trade and history, heck the muslims didn't even abolish slavery until Kennedy made them in the 1960s
-the hindus in India have made it clear through their racist treatment of Africans what they really think and Gandi pulled no punches on his hate of original people;
-And I don't even have to go into east asia to talk about all "buddhist" nations with the blackface and anti-blackness going on over there.

And despite all of that, there are still some black people who will look you straight in the eye and say love your enemy and still mean it, when everyone else hates us. The other races hate us because we are black, but they get away with abusing us because we lack a strict clannish behviour as a group and we don't use our money in a group manner.

And I highly doubt that Thutmosis iii and his army conquered an area covering Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Canaan, Israel, Arabia, Jordan and the Nile Valley by loving an enemy who looked nothing like him. How many hieroglyphics call the asiatics dread asiatics, vile asiatics, hated asiatics and so on?

Love your enemy is strictly for dealing with other people who believe in the system and who belong to your race. Loving a white person, or any other non-black in my view is what gets African people as a group kicked in the face repeatedly. Maybe its time for the enemy to love us.

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