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    I don't have to tell you that we are living in a time of confusion. What we're suffering is evident in every area of people activity. The majority of Afrikan people cannot, or will not, agree on which values and culture we should live by as a people. This confusion is understandable considering this confusion is not an accident. Our foundation has been stripped away from our minds. This situation is similar to building a house. You cannot do anything until you build a strong foundation. Fortunately, The Creator has given us an indestructible foundation on which to build a way of life. The way I was put on to this fact was...well, I'll say it was just strange.

    Yo, peep this. I was out on my porch last summer when a brother and a sister walked up to my gate and just started talking to me. Now you all know that because of how people are today, I wasn't too receptive until one of them asked me, "what is truth?" I said, "the opposite of a lie." The sister then asked, "Do you know where we come from brother?" I was immediately hyped when the sister asked me. The week before, some jehovah wickedness * oops! I meant 'witness' came to my door and I had to beat them with the truth for almost an hour until they began asking me questions about things they did not have an answer for. The reason they had these certain questions is because they were not exposed to a foundation built on truth. So I opened up the front gate preparing to do the same thing again, "Come in, let's talk," I said. "Of course I'm sure that both of you know that we all come from Afrika right?" I said as they walked in. "Yes and no," the sister said. Now when she said that I knew something was up, so I told them to chill for a moment as I went inside and got a few selected books off the shelf. When I cam back I asked, "By the way, what are your names?" The brother said, "My name is Baaqasta and her name is Tiraqasta." I told them mine and we continued with the conversation. "So you say 'yes and no' about our ancestors coming from Afrika," I inquired. Both of these people were brown-skinned like myself, so I said, "based on the melanin content in all of our skin, we are, without a doubt, descended from the first people who lived in the equatorial region of Afrika. This is the tropical region where Ra (the sun) shines brightest and melanin absorbs and protects from the rays of Ra. The remains of the oldest and very first of all human beings were found in that region." Then Baaqasta responded, "wait brother, all of what you said is true but that's not what we meant when we asked if you knew where we come from. So let me ask you this, what kind of culture did your Afrikan ancestors live by?" I tried to correct him, "I think what you should say is OUR ancestors' culture used to measure if anything or anyone was true." Baaqasta explained, "All of what you said is true except the part when you say that OUR ancestors are from Afrika. That phrase is questionable." Then I said, "well you look just like me and I know that my ancestors came from Afrika but I want to give you a chance to state your case." Then I lightly tapped my hand on my little pile of books and said, "but then I will state mine."

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