Black Poetry : Do the skinny!

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    I didn't make this to poke fun at those who are naturally skinny. I made this because I hate how society pressures people to be thin and anyone who listens is an idiot because who don't eat will usually die faster than those who do.


    Magazines, close up screen shots
    Made-up teens, the tick-tock of a clock
    Chase after prepubescent girls who may be older physically
    But strive to walk the walk with that 'I'm a b*tch' mentality
    Giving thanks to miss Blake Lively for losing the last of her meat
    Uhura-shaped women getting dumped on, pushed to the bottom of the sea
    And the men, in fear of breaking and on search for something real
    Secretly hit on women who've never thought of skipping meals.
    Is it natural to scoff at those who never freeze under the sun?
    That flaunt the juicy tight caboose, don't look like twiglets on the run
    Defy the laws of science, HELL, let's all head to the stalls!
    Stick fingers down our throats, risk our lives, WE'LL HAVE A BALL!
    When that's done, we'll shake our drooping breasts that look like they could fall
    Let that man who doesn't know what he's missing tell you you're a doll.
    Take the word of someone who's been a non existent size
    Don't you EVER feed into them. Don't you listen to the lies!
    Let it be enough to know that though they're talking to those chicks
    They watch you move across the room and, boy, those eyes are quick!
    There's a reason for stupidity. YOU know just who you are.
    Give it time. They'll quickly turn to dust and you will be the star.

    I had to put Uhura in there because I'd kill to have her former shape. And yeah, I'm a Trekkie >_>
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