Black Poetry : Do the Right Thing


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May 11, 2006
Do the Right Thing

Have peace in my quotes just have to increase the volts
To amplify brains, it builds my fate to illustrate to folks
My rhymes are designed to spill not kill never dampen hopes
Look I’m sick and corrupt with the hiccups and I still kick
Butts, no cure for this pure funk and it sure stunk real quick
When the lid was open left kids hoping they can rhyme like this
My fairy tale trees got hairy leaves and rough clusters of blooms
And tough hustlers are doomed if they approach my ill tunes
These white flowers has might and powers with some perfumes
Smell but deadly like music from hell some tell of truths no doubt
My verbal storm strongly astounds this form is only founded on routes
To perfection but face stout rejections for critics have to swim like trouts
To escape the amusing fake accusing these snakes of using my ill rhymes
To hill climb they’re blind like Jack and Jill fetch a pale of wine designed
To fall down and waste grape juice all around, my substance catch a fire
While I dispatch wire to telephone poles, now strong bowls of soups I desire
Not even Cambelle’s chicken noodle soup can handle this feudal group of can
Foods I stand rude with a can opener and plate of rice I ate nice yall understand
Amalgamate rhythm just to evaluate wisdom it’s foul to take criticism from fans
The wrong way your dome could play tricks on ya like the GETO BOYS
Featuring Scarface doing a bazaar pace of rapping
str8 up bruh ! i feel ya here ....words leak like candy in a lyrical treat
ya just due is coming wait and see fo real ..............keep spiting the game
doing what u do soon da world will pick up on da clue and you !!!

Tyte scribing Rhymebad


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