Black Poetry : Do it my Way

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    Do it my Way

    Do great writes and like brake lights signal when to stop
    Look for the cops first then drop a verse so now at the tiptop
    Of HIPHOP looking down like Rick James and the Temptations
    party fast nobody in my class best to ever do this wimp situations
    exists, like the banks I have strange vaults hae to arrange my thoughts
    to get money, combinations of dominations to cash checks and fought
    to smash necks with true slang like Wu-Tang cash rules while I trash
    fools, when there’s static I slaughter put stuff in systematic order flash
    glocks they keep my dash hot somebody on bazaare crack may go for
    a carjack while at the bar lack of funds so I keep black guns with star
    triggers bigger than the ones on Clint Eastwood on dirty harry “go ahead
    make my day” can’t even trust sane folks some have lame quotes misled
    listenin to their trend you could be pissing in the wind going no where
    I’m sure I can be pure but not yet my plot get harder as a starter aware
    Of the enemy in my vicinity, like P Diddy see the city try make a band
    Fakes don’t understand can’t nobody hold me down ot for the cake man
    Like Betty Crocker stay ready with a recipe and style like Destiny Child
    See a cutis suspicious but booty licious it’smy duty to get this in style
    Cut my lawn and hope these cats are fond of a joke got a Briggs and
    Stratton for this crab grass think of vocab fast while mowing flowing
    To plan my next verse but got a complex thirst do my text first knowing
    I got skills like john deare Tractor
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    hot off da chart