Black Poetry : Do it all for him


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Jul 2, 2003
( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
(RF) Technician
so often brothers are left feeling not needed but at the same time she honestly wants
him in da core of her love but needless she my feel at times
tyte write bruh !
True that...$$RICH$$

So all she needs to do
Is acknowledge her want
By saying I still want you

By her gesters
By her touch
In her kiss
Then the rest doesn't matter

Thanks $$RICH$$
I see you understand


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Jul 2, 2003
( Alonewolf ) California.. by way of the LOU
(RF) Technician
Family.. let me know if I have lost it OK..

Postate cancer.. what it is---

While there is no known cause for prostate cancer, risk factors include:
  • Age

  • The risk for prostate cancer increases with age, with men over age 65 at highest risk.

    African American men are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as Caucasian Americans.

    Family history
    Studies show that a man's risk for prostate cancer increases if a close male relative (father, brother, uncle, grandfather) has the disease.


    Some studies suggest that a high-fat diet, particularly red meat and dairy products, appears to simulate the growth of prostate cancer cells.
Sperm is produced in the testicles and transported through tubes to the prostate gland. Semen, the solution that carries sperm, is produced by both the prostate gland and the seminal vesicles, ... The extent of the cancer. ... Unlike radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy may cause problems slowly and over time. The main cause

I have always known that there was a link between the milk spoiling, and postate cancer. Man was not built to contain his sperm long term. It must be released. Why should men suffer. We don't want to suffer.. ladies, do it all for your man.

Is there a problem? Morality is killing us. Years ago men had many wives, there probably was no postate cancer and they lived to be as old as George Burns.. in the 100's

To be fair.. brothers do it all for your woman.
Don't neglect her needs

Don't hold her back from her happiness
Even if she isn't with you
So what. You fathered a child
Any man can produce a baby, but not every man can raise a child.

By chance you and your baby's momma aren't getting along. Things are not gonna work. Another fellow comes along and she wants to be with him. He really digs her too.

She has a child by you. Step out of the way and let her be happy, or get in there and do it all for her!
Now keep check that the new guy doesn't abuse your child.
Stay up on that.. and pay your child support. Be the Man!


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May 13, 2003
Bay Area, CA
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Youre right brotha Hodee :read: we do need each other :)

now ummm I dont know that imma be jumpin to send flowers to a brotha lol

but wise words well heeded :read: :)
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