Black People : DO DO People and DOO DOO People

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    do definition
    a. To perform or execute:.
    b. To fulfill the requirements of:
    c. To carry out; commit:
    a. To produce, especially by creative effort: .
    b. To play the part or role of in a creative production: Our Plans for our Black Liberation
    a. To bring about; effect:
    b. To render; give:.
    4. To put forth; exert:
    a. To attend to in such a way as to take care of or put in order:
    8. To work out by studying:
    a. To be sufficient in meeting the needs of; serve:
    1. To behave or conduct oneself;
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    b. To be proper or fitting: .
    4. To take place; happen:
    5. Archaic Duty; deed.
    6. Slang Fecal matter; excrement.

    do synonyms
    To begin and carry through to completion: execute, perform, prosecute. Informal: pull off. See do
    To carry out the functions, requirements, or terms of: discharge, execute, exercise, fulfill, implement, keep, perform. Idiom: live up to. See do
    To conduct oneself in a specified way: acquit, act, bear, behave, carry, comport, demean1, deport, quit. See be
    To progress or perform adequately, especially in difficult circumstances: fare, fend, get along, get by, manage, muddle through, shift. Informal: make out. Idioms: make do, make shift. See thrive
    Informal. To journey over (a specified distance): cover, make. See move
    To meet a need or requirement: answer, serve, suffice, suit. See excess, help
    The CAN-DO People, about Harmony, Order, Balance, Truth and reality (same).

    Doo Doo people-Ego

    6. Slang Fecal matter; excrement.
    ex·cre·ment: Waste material, especially fecal matter, that is expelled from the body after digestion


    deceivers...and the likes of

    The ones who are constipated with disharmony, disorderly and Imbalance. The truly mentally ill, full of excrement.

    When Truth and reality is face to face, eyeballing us, we can not afford to pretend that Truth and reality is something else.
    When excrement is face to face, eyeballing us, we can not pretend it is a piece of pie or cake, and the EGO is excrement.

    No Divine Black Kingdom/Liberation will be built with EGO excrement in the people. We better start smelling :explode: ourselves.

    Are we Stink:explode:?
    We are if we are not Sitting on the Throne of Truth and reality (consciously/subconsciously)

    ITS HARD BALL TIME. We must (Action) word BE YE SO EVER READY or we will DIEHARD.

    :SuN030: :SuN030: :SuN030: