Pets / Animals : Do Cats Get Bathed, Like Dogs?


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Feb 26, 2013
Peace and Blessings Family,

I've never owned a cat, but am wondering, do they get bathed like dogs?

I've never seen or heard tell of anyone bathing their cat.

Does that happen? Do cats let their owners bathe them in water?

Thanks in advance.



I've heard of it, but have never seen it. (Probably because of all this hair in my eyes.:lol: )

But yeah, I've def heard of cats that love water. Wonder why that's so.


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Apr 7, 2013
Just took my cat to the vet --to get a bath and a shave down. She was getting clumps on her back and her bum was scary. In fact everyone lifted their feet and moved out of her way cause she didn't comb herself up at all. She got the nick name, Dingleberry. Yes, I tried to bathe her and her eyes had wide pupils and her ears flat on her head. No growling. From now on the vet can have the job. He said the cat is too fat to reach her back or her bum. I have to get a cat carrier, cause a pillow case held tight at the top looks like I have a Tasmanian-bobcat in it thumping all around in every direction. She scared the dogs waiting in the office. Then when she is let out, she swaggers with a grin on her face, "You dare to touch me?! Yes, you got me in a cage, but it took five of ya to do it!" Now she has a reverse mohawk. Now people reach down to pet her. She is happier.


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Jun 18, 2004
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Mar 21, 2001
The only time one should bathe a cat is when something is on or in their fur that would be dangerous for them to ingest. Cats have natural deoderizers in their saliva and the barbs on their tongue help to clean the fur. For hairball problems, give your cat a little vaseline on your finger for them to lick off. It will allow the hair to slide through the digestive system instead of the cat coughing up a nasty wet hairball.

Very true
Cats are fastidious animals who love to keep their bodies clean. Cleaning is instinctive behavior, and cats have been washing themselves with their tongues for as long as they've been around.cats are particularly hygienic, and will wash their paws and face after every meal.Cats can decrease their chances of being infested with parasites like lice and fleas by cleaning their fur after a meal.
Multiple cats in the home will often groom each other ,Cats are extremely sensitive to water.
they lick themselves clean with their tongue so dont bother giving it a bath by yourself they dont like that ,they will let you brush them so you can remove the fur/hair that is shedding, but they too do it. I agree with the above.

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