Pets / Animals : Do Cats Get Bathed, Like Dogs?


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Feb 9, 2001
I'm agreeing NNQueen. Yes you have to be extra careful when bathe'n a cat. I have been bit and scratched for doing this. My kids when they was young spray painted our grey tomcat, Buster green. It took me forever to get that paint off of him and each time i was scratched and bit. Bad a'z kids i had back then. LOL..

Jan 22, 2001
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Thank Yall So Much! While i kinda figured cats didn't like baths, i had no first hand account, never seen it on tv or anything ... but yall have made the picture so clear ... wow ... lol Sister MsVera at the babies paint'n the cat ... oh gosh ... :)

Great information ... i didn't know there was a can of stuff you could use ... thanks for that Brother LilPea!

Cat Owners Represent'n! :toast:




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Dec 13, 2010
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I think there are times when you can bathe a cat?

My brother has four and I've heard of him doing it. Not often, though.
Some cats like water and some done as others have said. I've known cats that were loners, but I've also encountered a cat that was about as affectionate and needy as a dog. Just depends on the animal and, I suppose, how they're socialized as babies.
I'd be trying to bathe my cats.
It's not like cats are actually 'clean'. Just covered in cat spit...

yeap been there and done that. hell my friend's parent's dog even hates baths. they are having a hard time giving his bad a** a bath lol..i told them the next time i come visit, i will help them bathe it and see if I can give it some of that Angelic touch lol
Yeah. Some dogs can't stand water, either.
If he's not a messy dog, maybe they could use wipes and freshen him up every day? That helps.
I have 2 dogs that hate baths. My oldest dog, 'Mimi', used to battle me down every time I approached anything that looked like a basin. If it's a sink basin? Out came those little legs and she'd just be bracing the sides with each foot. Pulling up as I pushed her down.
If it's a tub? She'd be trying to climb up my body by any means necessary.
Only way that I can bathe her is to take her to the groomers...or have my fiance hold her.
She loves wipes. She sees me approaching with the wipe container and has the nerve to roll up on her back and wait. My youngest dog, still a puppy, is starting to mimic her older sister's antics.
Hot mess.

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