Black People : do blacks believe in white supremacy?


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Jun 18, 2004
north philly ghetto
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judging from the volume and flavor of posts by blacks, i sometimes wonder if blacks do believe that other ethnics are better than we are.
even the nationalists seem to spend a lot of energy saying "nigas ain't sh*t if they do not believe as i do".

i know of no other ethnic that spends so much time publicly beating up on itself.

why do we?


Dec 20, 2004
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peace James,

I believe that we have been made into copycats or parrots. So the slave says what he has heard massa say so many times before. If we don't seek to find out who & what we truly were & are, then we will not be able to "excuse the expression" but "think outside of the box".

No other ethnicities speak like this because they are ALL taught from birth of their roots and culture. Blacks are taught the culture & religions of thier slave master to the point that they are totally removed from self & make statements like "I ain't no Afrikan, don't be calling me no Ethipian" not knowing that this is one of the best names on Earth. we would rather call ourselves by an Italian gangsta name than be called Shaka Zulu or Mansa Musa & Hannibal because we have lost the knowledge of who we are. Sadly, not too many of us outside of this site or this month feel it is really worth finding.

"knowledge is the lost property of the believer"




Jun 10, 2004
The fact of the matter is: We have truly been molded into the white man's image, whether we like it or not, whether we see it or not. It is a shame how we will sit here and accept that by saying, "it is the way of the world." A true group of people would be fighting to get what they deserve. It goes right back to that "getting a job with a white name" thread. Our names our true, and powerful, our slave names are ridiculous.

As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about the fact that if a brotha is on the job with another brotha, and they tell each other what to do (mis-interpreting the meaning of working together), one of the brothas is going to end up saying, "You ain't my boss, you don't tell me what to do." But then when the white manager comes and says to both, "Do this, do that", he gets nothing else but, "Yes sir, okay, it will be done." WHY DO WE DO THIS? I cannot stand the way we have looked at the white man and anyone other than ourselves as the superior. We need a cure.



Feb 22, 2004
the q is does ever black/afrikan person go throught this phase in life. i 4 one remember a time when i was brainwashed. influencedby media and , fictional scholastics. i was never totally gone, but i did have traces of a complex in my system. how many others out there were once duped but then woke up?>

with that sauid is it necessary 4 a black person to change their birth name from european lexicon to something afrikan or afrikan american??


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Aug 14, 2004
I don't have to believe in white supremacy, because it exists. I do not evaluate other ethnicity, only my own. I do have respect for other cultures, but I would never hold any over mine. I am more critical when discussing my race, because I am a part of it. I do not bash the issues we have, however, or blow it out of proportion, making us sound ignorant as a culture, (we all know the old comedian who did that for us) but I will be honest about the things we all need to do. It's an individual problem, as well as a collective. maybe that's why we haven't moved up, but instead are pushing down.

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