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    Fast? If so, why do you do it? What type of fast do you do? How long do you typically do it? What have been the results of your fast? How do you prepare?

    I'm curious, because I've been getting info about nutrition and health and they talk about all the toxins we accumulate from the things we eat and drink and how those toxins cause dis-ease. They talked about how best to clean out the toxins, fasting, and then maintaining a proper diet, rest, and exercise. I am pretty sure that I am going to do a juice fast. I fasted on Saturday, because I was sick and I noticed that I didn't get as sick as normally do although I did have a couple asthma attacks, which is usually rare.

    I was reading some of what Spirtual One wrote inone of the topics about fasting and I was really impressed, as I am impressed with a lot of the things that SO writes. :) So, I know there are a lot of you spirtual, health conscious brothers and sisters out there, and I'm anxious to hear your responses. Thanks!
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    1. Yes, I fast.

    2. I do it because of faith.

    3. I abstain from all foods and drinks of the body, period.

    4. For however long it's called for.

    5. While it does cleanse the body and Spirit, it is also to be near to the King as it is humbling, but I never would fast thinking that automatically makes me close.

    6. By prayer.

    This is fasting for me, but I wouldn't tell anyone they had to follow as I did; let the Father be guidance, not a schedule. Let the Son show you how you should do it, not man.