Black People : Do African Americans Need to Meditate More

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    Everyone wants to achieve what they believe is their destiny - that feeling of self-worth that says that you were placed on this earth for a specific purpose. There is a lot of things that goes on in the mind, and if we try to calm the mind without the proper method, you can end up creating more stress. The key is stricking a balance - figuring out when is the best time to meditate and how much time you have to commit to the meditation.

    In life we get entangled in so many sectors of society that we have forgotten how to stay focus and get back to that which is most important, you, the individual. We have to create time for ourselves because we only have this one life and most of us have other people depending on us to do "this" right namely, our kids.

    But how can we do "this" right, if we do not take the time to replenish what was lost.

    There are many ways out there that are geared towards relaxation and comforting the body, but what about the mind?

    The mind is what controls the body so if it is not operating at it's optimal performance level, then we would have failed at giving ourselves the nesscessary fuel needed to produce a better quality of life.

    By that statement I know that most of us would think that money already gives us the tool for a better quality of life. In most cases yes, that is true, money does cure most of what ales us but not all. If it did, you wouldn't have rich people jumping through windows.

    So this is where meditation can make a big difference. One of the myths that I would like to dispel is the idea that you have to be some sort of expert or in some way be a deep thinker, in order to reap the benefits of meditation.

    There are many simple forms of meditation, you just have to find the one that suits you best. Try not to meditate like you see others do on tv. Remember - this is about you and how to taylor the method to your lifestyle.

    Once you have established the method it is then that you must find the time. I know many are saying that would be difficult - but you would be surprised to know that a few minutes a day can work wonders for the mind which will in turn calm your body and give you renewed energy you need to defeat your daily challenges. Finding the time is not the problem, remembering to actually factor in meditation into your daily routine is.

    But we have no excuse in 2014, the era of smartphones and smart watches. All you have to do is to set the alarm to the time of day that you think you will have to yourself.

    The key to meditation is to focus on nothing. I guess for the experts that is readily achieved. But in the real world where some families are juggling 3 to 4 jobs between the parents, it is much more difficult to focus on nothing when there is so much on the mind. So focus on one thing, one word, one quote or one line of your favorite song. You won't eliminate the other thoughts, that's ok, the goal is to have them fade into the background and become less important. Do this a few times a week and you will find that you are able to accomplish much more than you ever thought possible.

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